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Web design involves the graphical design of layout of the website such as where the top navigation, images, colors, fonts and call-to-action buttons, content and so on. This is more focused on the visual appeal of the website experience.
On the other hand web development refers to the backend programming which makes the website functional and usable for the visitors. Like the buttons clicking to go to a particular page, a lead form that collects information about visitors etc. It's more focused on the user experience.
To get a web design at LogoDesignGuru you need to first launch a project and indicate your website requirements, preferences and a budget (prize money) in the creative brief. Once you launch the project thousands of web designers who are signed up with us will upload web layouts for you to choose from. You only have to choose the one that is perfect for your need.
When you opt for complete website solution, you get to launch a web design project as well as the web development. The web development part is by our in-house web developers who are trained professionals well versed in all types of programming languages such as PHP, Java, HTML5, CSS, Magento, and WordPress etc.

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