Innovative Marketing Collateral Ideas

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  • Mugs, t-shirts, caps, key chains, CDs
  • Tradeshow booth backdrop, signage, standee
  • Magazine, newspaper adverts, PDFs, datasheets
  • Product packaging, shopping bags, or giveaways

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A few things I need cleared

In some organizations marketing collaterals are interchangeably used with sales collaterals. They are called collaterals because these materials such as sales sheets, marketing tools, and materials to help achieve sales objectives.
However, in others, materials that support marketing functions only, that is, to promote the brand and company, are called marketing materials. These may include printed items as well as digital products.
Marketing materials are critical for creating a great impact on the user's mind without sounding like a sales pitch. With marketing materials like booklets, PDFs, case studies you can really help your potential customers understand why they need your service.
Other materials including giveaways such as mugs, t-shirts, bags etc. are worth investing in because they have a deep positive impression on your customers even after they leave your shop.