Earth Day Logo Design Challenge

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To celebrate Earth Day 2019, we introduce to you one of its kind logo design contest.

As designers, our job is about solving problems through our skills. So how can the design community help suggest solutions and spread a positive message amid a time when our planet is facing the most catastrophic of crises?

We invite designers from all around the world to participate in our 30-day challenge as a tribute to our planet EARTH. With a Contest Calendar in place, we’ve set up themes for every day to depict problems that Mother Earth is facing. And how are we designers going to solve them.

How to Participate in Earth Day Logo Design Contest

All you have to do in the next 30 days is follow the steps below:

  1. Design a logo a day based on theme of that day;
  2. Upload your concept on the set day contest;
  3. Continue with all themes for the next 30 days!

Our voting system will pick out thirty nominees, a winner who’s got the most votes from each day.

Why Participate in the Earth Day Logo Design Contest

At the end of the 30 days, three winners with the most votes will be selected. Logo Design Guru will then award the three winners with the Gold, Silver and Bronze badges they can flaunt on their online portfolios.

  • The winners will get media coverage on our blogs and social media
  • A winning badge to share on your portfolio, website and social media
  • Winners will get cash prizes from Logo Design Guru


We have amazing prizes lined up for those who get the most votes for their graphic design talents.

  • $100 for Bronze Prize
  • $200 for Silver Prize
  • $300 for Gold Prize

This is the perfect chance to display your creative design skills and show the world you care and earn something extra in the process.


All participants who enter this contest will get great exposure to our international clientele and graphic design community, not to mention opportunities for continuous earning via our crowdsourcing platform.

Be a proud designer of the Earth Day 30 Day Logo Challenge and put this badge on your website, portfolio or social media to get maximum votes for your design.

Get the embed code for the badge here:


Creative Brief

Design one logo a day based on the theme we reveal for each day. Follow the guidelines and submit your design. Here are three things to keep in mind when creating a logo design for this contest:

  1. The logo style has to be inspired by the country or culture the designer is from
  2. Your logo design should have a concept, a solution or a positive message like the following samples:

Sample Logo from India for Nuclear Warfare

Sample Logo from USA for Global Warming

Sample Logo from South Africa for Famine

Please Note

When participating in the contest, make sure you remember the following things:

  • Designs from free stock websites will not be accepted
  • Plagiarized logo designs will be eliminated from the contest
  • Generic concepts will be removed
  • You must upload at least 5 concepts in order to become a nominee
  • Concepts of uploaded logo on a wrong theme will not be accepted