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Pick any 5 types of logo design you like

What style would you like your logo to have?

A style will define your brand voice and persona. Select the ones that represent your brand identity.

Which colors do you want in your logo?

Colors speak about your brand and accentuate your design.

Additional background information

Just a few more details that will help designer understand your business better.

Stationery design contest for my business

Affordable web solution for my business

SEO / Internet marketing for my website

Choose a budget that fits your pocket

We recommend the following packages but you can always customize it.

Min prize $199 but the higher you bid, the more designs you get

How to Start a Logo Design Contest

Starting a logo design contest is simple and easy on website. All you have to do is follow the process timeline from start to finish, or you follow these steps:

Generally logos are categorized into: pictorial mark (symbol), combination mark (with words and symbols) lettermark (only first letters), wordmark (full words or names), mascot (person or animal illustration), abstract (abstract shapes) and emblem (monogram and crests).
This covers your brand persona as well as communication style of your brand to your target audience.
If you haven't already picked a brand identity color then pick a palette from our logo design process as examples. You may change this later on, or you may let our professional graphic designers give you ideas.
Now add personalized information like details about the company, the text you want on your logo, industry type, inspirational concepts you have and what you want to see etc. The more information you give, the better.
Set up an account, and set up prize money for designers. Tip: The higher the prize, the more motivated graphic designers will be to submit design concepts.

Within hours of setting up your logo design contest, you’ll start to get design concepts from professional logo designers. Be sure to interact with them by giving them feedback. Finally choose a winning design to receive final vector files of your logo.