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Pick any 5 logo ideas for our graphic designers to get started.

What style would you like your logo to have?

A style will define your brand voice and persona. Select the ones that represent your brand identity.

Which colors do you want in your logo?

Colors speak about your brand and accentuate your design.

Additional background information

Just a few more details that will help designer understand your business better.

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Choose a budget that fits your pocket

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Frequently Asked Questions When Designing a Professional Logo

Designing a professional logo is easy if you know what you need and where to go for your design. You can get a custom logo design for your company by hiring a professional logo designer or engage design agency.

Designing a professional logo is easy if you know what you need and where to go for your design. You can get a custom logo design for your company by hiring a professional logo designer or engage design agency.

Step 1: Select a few business logo design ideas
To give graphic designers some ideas of your taste and preferences for custom business logos, pick a few sample logos from our portfolio. Generally logos are categorized into different styles:
  • Pictorial mark (symbol)
  • Combination mark (with words and symbols)
  • Lettermark (only first letters)
  • Wordmark (full words or names)
  • Mascot (person or animal illustration)
  • Abstract (abstract shapes), and
  • Emblem (monogram and crests).
Your business logo can be one of these logo types. It's better to give a few logo samples so our logo designers can design concepts exactly as you like.

Step 2: Select the persona that defines your company brand
A brand is a representation of your company and its mission. It's like a persona representing your company without you being in the room. When clients and stakeholders see your brand logo how would you like them to perceive it? That’s the persona that you have to determine at the time of designing a company logo. Your brand persona can be masculine or feminine; fun or professional; sophisticated or casual etc. Just make sure you don’t pick a persona style that conflicts with your business.

Step 3: Pick a color for your company logo
Color is one of the most defining elements of a professional logo design. It impacts aesthetics, mood, branding materials, and most importantly, influence customers.

It’s best to refer to color psychology before deciding on colors for your professional logo. But if you’re stumped for ideas then pick from the color swatches in the creative brief process. You can also let our professional graphic designers decide for you; after all they’re more experienced and knowledgeable in finding logo color inspirations.

You may change this later on by updating the creative brief or letting our graphic designer community know via feedback.

Step 4: Customize your professional logo
Now add personalized information like company name, the text you want on your business logo, tagline, industry type, and inspirational logo concepts you may have etc. in the creative brief.

The creative brief is the pillar document that graphic designers refer to, for designing your custom logo design needs. It’s better than giving information to each designer on an ad hoc basis or via emails.

Remember: The more information you give, the better.

Step 5: Register and Pay for a Custom Logo
All that is left for you to do now is sign up for an account, and set prize money for the designers. In a logo design contest, it's important for designers to "win" the contest in order to get paid. For this reason, graphic designers are willing to upload more logo design concepts to achieve that goal.

Don’t worry, we make logo design affordable so you can get custom logos with just $199.

Tip: The higher the prize, the more motivated professional graphic designers will be to submit more design concepts. That’s all it takes to start a contest!

Within hours of setting up, you’ll start to get design concepts from professional logo designers. Be sure to interact with them by giving feedback.

Finally choose a winning design to receive final vector files of your professional logo.
There are three common ways to design your own company logo, fast and without the hassle of interviewing and hiring a designer or agency.
  1. You can use an online software which offers tons of logo design templates for you to pick from. You can create a custom company logo using the studio and download within minutes. This type of online logo tools useful for startups with a low budget.
  2. Another way is to join a graphic designer group or forum where designers announce their services for hire. Have a chat with a few, view their portfolio and negotiate rates. Select and work with the graphic designer that you feel comfortable with and have confidence in their skills to create a business logo. Typically individual graphic designers can take a couple of days to weeks.
  3. You can also create your own company logo through crowdsourcing on a platform like Logo Design Guru. This involves filling up a creative brief, setting up a prize, and then wait for graphic designers to submit design concepts. Once you like a logo for your business, finalize the winner to get the final logo files. This process typically takes around 4 to 10 days depending on the time frame you set for the contest to end.
Expert graphic designers are skilled in making the perfect logo for a business because they understand the technical, aesthetics and purpose of the design. A perfect logo has to have the perfect mix that would create an impact on the onlooker, and that mix includes:
  1. Color harmony. A perfect business logo is one which has color harmony. A professional graphic designer understands how to use color palettes based on the color wheel to give that harmonious combination that appeal to the eye instead of creating a jarring effect.
  2. Balance. When designing with shape, font and colors, balance should be maintained to make the perfect logo. Organizing these elements in a symmetrical or asymmetrical manner is one way to achieve the sense of balance. Another way is to use contrast.
  3. Font pairing. Using the right font to depict the tone of voice for your logo is as imperative as choosing a symbol. When good fonts paired with another, or a symbol can make a difference to get that perfect look. For example a sans serif will depict a modern, edgy look while a serif font gives a conservative and timeless style to your logo.
  4. Artistic. Every professional logo designer is an artist who is trained to create the artistic piece that is, the perfect logo design. Your logo maybe a simple graphic but it should include something clever, a hidden meaning, and/or reflect your business brand as a whole.
  5. Scalable. A logo is only perfect if it is scalable and responsive to the required needs of the business: printable; works in black and white; and won’t distort when used on large or small devices, surfaces, to name a few.
Graphic designers who sign up on Logo Design Guru's crowdsourcing platform come from all corners of the world with their blend of expertise. Regardless of where your company is situated, they are well equipped with design skills to make the perfect logo for your business.
We offer different types of affordable logo design packages for everyone, whether you're a startup, small business or medium enterprise.

Our packages start as low as $199 and offer custom logo designs with minimum 30 concepts to choose from. You have unlimited revisions as well as money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the designs.

Apart from these, you can add-on business card design, stationery, marketing collateral or even website design to the package as you like. A business card package starts at $100 while a website design with a logo starts at around $500.

If you're looking to start a business online then these affordable logo packages are ideal for you.
You don’t have to be a graphic designer to understand what your customers' need and what they are looking for when they are searching for your brand. However, to make a business logo that attracts customers is tricky.

The average person's attention span is around 8 seconds which is not a lot of time to catch them. For this reason, your business logo should be:

Catchy. Whether it is hip, modern or outrageous, your business logo will only attract customers if it is catchy. How to make a catchy logo depends on what type of audience you're targeting. For example Nike's swoosh is an attractive logo for fitness crowd but may not work well as a landscaping logo or logo for an insurance company. Understand your target audience before you make your business logo.

Simple to understand. In 8 seconds, a logo has to stop your audience in their tracks, communicate your brand’s message and entice them to come to your shop or office. So make the logo simple enough to see and understand from far away.

Motivate action. Your logo can be just the symbol of your brand on a billboard or it can be the icon to click to download your app. Regardless of where you will use it, get a logo design that will motivate your audience to take action.

Logo Design Guru’s global community of graphic designers specialize in designing business logos that attract customers with appropriate colors, brand story, and memorability.
The creative brief is the single most important document in a logo design project. It tells your designer exactly what you want out of your design. This is why it is important to spend some time to carefully write the creative brief in detail giving your preferences and choices. Make sure you include the following.
  • Company name or text that will go on the logo design. This has nothing to do with the parent company or the registered business name.
  • Select a logo style that will match with your business brand like a wordmark, lettermark or iconic or a combination mark. Sometimes logos can be illustrative as well so make sure you let the logo designer know which style you prefer.
  • Give a definite color preference, otherwise graphic designers will come up with their own color combination based on their experience with designing logos for businesses in your industry.
  • A symbol is not necessary but most prefer to have a brand identity associated with an icon so it’s easy for customers to remember them with.
  • Logo design inspirations or ideas from other sources such as Pinterest, sample logos gallery or portfolios will be helpful for designers to visualize your logo.
  • Nature of the business and industry must be included in the description. This will help designers to make logo designs according to the industry standard and quality.
  • Last but not least is setting a budget so designers get to know how much they are getting for their efforts.
The more elements you put in the creative brief the clearer it will be for graphic designers to understand your business needs.
There are plenty of sources for inspiration and finding logo design ideas for both designers and business owners, some of which are listed below:
  1. Your company. The most obvious place is your business. Whether you’re a startup or established small business, you must have started from somewhere. Your startup story, mission or vision are good starting points for logo design ideas.
  2. Designer portfolios. There are plenty of graphic designers with websites who put up their design portfolios for potential clients. A search for the keyword "graphic designer" will give you plenty of options.
  3. Behance, DeviantArt, Dribble. There are platforms which host design portfolios of graphic designers, artists, and illustrators. These platforms allow designers to not only showcase designs but also offer a great point of interaction and inspiration for anyone looking for logo design ideas.
Should you fall short of ideas, Logo Design Guru offers plenty of logo samples from past clients in our gallery. These are categorized by industry and niches so you have plenty to browse through to find logo design ideas just right for your brand.
After you launch a contest, logo concepts start to pour in. As soon as you pick a winning design and finalize it, our support team will start their internal process. You may choose to do this before seven days, otherwise the contest is automatically locked after seven days.

Support team will then coordinate with the winning designer to submit the final files and check the design for copyright issues, generic or derivative logo designs.

Once cleared, the designer signs a copyright release document to relinquish their rights of the creative work to the project holder.

The final files are then prepared for different types of usage including printing, scaling, and digital platforms. The files are emailed to the project holder, and the contest is closed. All this takes between 4 to 10 days.
Sometimes, when a project is too complex or there are few graphic designers participating in the contest, you will find less concepts to choose from. Don’t be dishearten.

Instead of waiting for the contest to end, we suggest contacting support team immediately. They will reach out to the graphic designer community via email blast and forums to invite them to your contest.

This way, you will be able to get more concepts to choose from before the contest ends.

Alternatively, you can extend the date so that designers who have not had the opportunity, will participate in the contest. There is a small fee involved but it will save you the hassle of starting another contest or reaching out to graphic designers individually.
A logo maker is a tool that is easy to use, offers instant logo designs, and allows you to launch your startup practically overnight. It is a good way to get your enterprise going if you’re a solopreneur, blog owner or website master looking for a quick fix. It has its limitations though.
  • Concepts are limited to the database of logo templates.
  • Capability of a software can’t be compared to a graphic designer.
  • Copyrights remains with the logo maker company.
That's where custom logo design comes in. Once your business is established, you have more complex needs to fulfill. That's when you need a custom business logo instead of a hastily created design from a template. A custom logo is ideal for your business for:
  • Trademark registration which requires you to own the copyrights of your logo.
  • Branding, especially when your business needs to print, digitize and use your business logo on billboards, posters, conference booths etc.
  • Brand legacy is not possible if any part of your logo is copyrighted or even hints at it.
  • Ownership of the creative logo idea remains with your business for a long time, until you decide to redesign.
Whether a logo maker is preferable or a custom business logo, is up to you to decide.