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What is a Logo Design Contest?

A professional logo design contest involves crowdsourcing of freelance graphic designers across the globe and inviting them to participate in a "competition" on our website. They participate by submitting design concepts to our website. After a certain time the contest holder chooses a “winner” and the winning designer secures the prize.

The best part about logo design contests is that the contest holder gets multiple graphic design ideas from tons of designers at the same time. They are also affordable as compared to the hassle of working and waiting for one graphic designer to come up with your design. With crowdsourcing you get the best of both world - quality graphic design concepts and affordable branding! Visit our partner site for DIY logo design.

What Do You Need?

Let our professional graphic designers do their magic

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  • Tons of concepts for all types of design
  • Delivery on time, every time, anywhere
  • Choose only the design you love

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Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a logo depends on how much you want to invest in your brand and the type of design you require, budget you have allocated, and how much time you have to launch your brand.

You can create a logo using a DIY logo maker, which will be cheaper, easy to get and instantly downloadable. However, there is a downside to this. You won’t own the copyrights for the design files or register it for trademark. It does allow you to get your brand launched and running.

On the other hand, you can hire a pro graphic designer who's an expert in design to create your logo. It might be a bit pricier but you get a custom business logo with complete copyrights.

The third option is to crowdsource graphic designers to create a professional logo design for your business. This involves inviting designers to participate in a logo design contest and asking them to submit design concepts based on your requirements. This option is ideal for business owners looking for an affordable logo design service.

For a logo design, graphic designers can charge anything from $5 to $5,000. Therefore, it's imperative to understand what’s important for your brand and how much you should pay for your logo design.

Here are a few things graphic designers keep in mind when they charge for a logo project.

  1. Your budget. You can't go beyond your pocket, and graphic designers get that. This is why they will measure the amount you pay with the hours they spend on designing your logo concepts.
  2. Your brand. You need to establish what your brand is all about, including industry, colors, symbols and tone of voice so graphic designers can determine how complex the job is to quote a reasonable price.
  3. Your preference. Your logo design comprise of the aesthetics as well as the function that it will wield for your brand. A graphic designer will charge for how they will use skills to create your logo according to your preferences.
  4. Your timeframe. Sometimes a graphic designer or agency can take months to come up with a few logo concepts because they know you have time. Other instances, you can get several design concepts from a single graphic designer.

With a logo design contest you get a mix of both worlds where you will get to work with the best graphic designers in the world yet charge you comparatively less than hiring independent logo designer or agency might.

A professional logo design contest involves crowdsourcing of freelance graphic designers across the globe and inviting them to participate in a "competition" on a contest website. They participate by submitting design concepts; after a certain time the contest holder chooses a "winner"; and the winning designer secures the prize.

The best part about logo design contests is that the contest holder gets multiple industry logo design ideas from tons of designers at the same time. They are also affordable as compared to the hassle of working and waiting for one graphic designer to come up with your logo design ideas. With crowdsourcing you get both - quality graphic design concepts and affordable pricing!

You can start a logo design contest by first filling in the creative brief. Once you fill it up, you need to set a prize amount-money that will be awarded to the winner of the contest.

It’s better to set a higher prize amount because it will motivate graphic designers to create more concepts and submit designs to your contest. This will allow you to have more and better logo design options to choose from.

Graphic designers will begin submitting design concepts within 24-48 hours, sometimes even sooner! When you receive them, start reviewing the submissions and shortlisting the logo designs that you like.

When you start a logo design contest it is good practice to interact with graphic designers by giving feedback on concepts. This way they get to know whether they are on the right track and design a modern logo for your brand.

Finally, select the design to award the prize money, and get your final logo design files for use in your branding.

A contest can take anywhere from 7 to 10 days for designers to design a logo along with final files. This means you are going to get design concepts, select the one that you love, and get the final product within 7 to 10 days.

However, if you’re pressed for time you can pay a small fee to expedite the process. When you do this, support staff will reach out and invite graphic designers to participate in the contest and submit more designs. Graphic designers are motivated to submit more concepts when they see higher prize amount.

Alternatively, you may also extend the contest time if you feel the need to get more concepts or take time to deliberate on the final logo design for your brand.

You can give as many revisions as you like in a logo design contest. To give revisions you will need to first identify the logo design concept that you like or think that can work for your brand with some improvements.

For instance a logo for daycare center may look similar to childcare logo which can be improved by giving feedback to the logo designer to give the right look.

Give direct feedback in the logo contest page or you can privately message the designer. When designers get your feedback, they will revise the design and submit for you to review. And if you need to revise it more on the new concept, then you may ask them to do so until you are satisfied with the overall design.

However, revisions are also subject to agreement between you and the logo maker. Should the designer refuse to revise, our in-house designer can help you with this service.

The copyright of a logo design lies in the hands of the logo creator whether it is the graphic designer, the design agency or a DIY logo maker. Unless otherwise specified in the contract at the beginning of the project, the person who commissions the designing does not own the copyrights.

This is in accordance with Creative Commons rule because the concepts and ideas are developed by the creative designer. The project commissioner buys these concepts by utilizing their creative skills acquired through years of learning and experience. This is a sure way to avoid generic and overused logo concepts.

Having said that, sometimes both can come to a mutual understanding where the designer can relinquish their rights and give it to the project holder for the right price and terms.

For this reason it is wise to discuss the terms of the logo design project before starting it. The graphic designer you work with has to agree on these terms and sign their consent in black and white.

Hiring a professional logo designer is a surefire way to give you the customized logo design that you need to launch your brand with a bang. A professional graphic designer usually follows a style, have specialty graphic design skills, and/or have particular work process and ethics.

Who you end up with as your logo designer is greatly influenced by your choice, understanding and mode of working together. Should you not agree to continue to work on the project then it needs to be handed over to another designer.

On the other hand when you run a logo design contest, the chances of breaking down the work flow is minimized because the crowdsourcing company takes the responsibility of helping you from start to finish.

You are guaranteed to get your final logo design even if a few of the designers choose not to work on the project. There are thousands more registered with the company to work on your project. The company invites more designers to participate and submit more concepts until you get your final logo design.

You can get all types of graphic design services online. The best graphic design company offers a diversified design portfolio and services, from creative logo designs to outstanding business card designs, banner ads as well as stunning marketing materials, packaging designs and web design.

When you select an online graphic design company like Logo Design Guru for your project, you get access to a professional design community who has years of experience in this type of work.

You can start working with them right away; no need to meet face to face to let them know what you require for your brand. All you have to do is start a contest.

Logo Design Guru offers comprehensive graphic design services through crowdsourcing as well as through custom design services where you work with dedicated graphic designers assigned to your project.

You can find out more on this by contacting us on our support number or chat.

If you're a freelance graphic designer or one looking to earn extra, then you should participate in a logo design contest. There are few benefits for freelance graphic designers to participate in a contest like:

  1. You get to work on a variety of design projects with a global community of graphic designers.
  2. You gain experience working with international clients ranging from the U.S., Canada to U.K, EU, South Africa, Singapore, Australia and more.
  3. You develop a solid design portfolio with a reputable company to show off to your future clients.
  4. You get paid on time every time you win a logo design contest on our platform.
  5. You learn more skills from other designers.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to participate in a logo design contest because it requires you to spend a couple of hours a day, if you like, make a full time career out of it.

To participate in a logo design contest you need to first sign up and create a graphic designer account. This requires all your professional details including skills, portfolio, contact information and payment mode. You can find out how to sign up and join our global design community here.

You can start submitting your design concepts to the “open” contests. If a contest is under consideration and locked, then you can’t participate in those. The key to increasing your chances of winning is to submit as many creative concepts as possible for the project holder to choose from.

When a project holder selects your design out of all submissions, you become the winner and entitled to the prize amount. Sometimes a project has more than one winner-primary winner and secondary winner.

Support team will contact you to submit a copy of your identity card and payment details for verification. In the next payment cycle you receive your prize amount.

Like in any competition, participants must follow logo design contest rules which have been designed to uphold fairness and transparency. You have to be careful of these rules.

These include but are not limited to:

  1. Copyrighted designs are not acceptable, whether it is from other sources or from fellow participating graphic designers.
  2. Even derivative logos which have similar or generic concepts are not acceptable. We remove such design concepts from the contest.
  3. Clipart and stock images are not acceptable.
  4. When a design is selected by a project holder, the designer must prepare the source files in the prescribed formats as given in contest.
  5. Copyrights must be handed over to the project holder. If not, then your design will be eliminated from the contest.
  6. Interact with project holder for clarifications and revision requests, if any, but never outside of the logo design contest platform.

When in doubt immediately contact support team for clarification so that you do not lose time. Your efforts will be lost if you fail to comply with logo design contest rules. For more information read detailed FAQs for designers.

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