How to Stay on Top with Logo Design in Numbers: 101 Stats and Facts

Visual Elements of Logos

General Facts

  • 1. 33% of the top 100 brands use the color blue in their logo
  • 2. 80% increase in brand recognition with a colored logo design
  • 3. In 1957, two most popular fonts for logo, Helvetica and Univers were created.
  • 4. 2 fonts in logo designs is advised for designers to use.
  • 5. 2 - 3 colors are generally used to create brand logo designs
  • 6. In just 400 milliseconds the visual elements of a logo design are processed in the visual cortex of our brains.
  • 7. 10 – 20 principles of design in total exist when it comes to designing a logo.
  • 8. It's advised to test a logo on the recommended scales between 10 – 100 percent.
  • 9. 7 types of logo designs exist in the world:
  • · Abstract
  • · Mascot
  • · Combination mark
  • · Emblem
  • · Lettermark
  • · Pictorial mark
  • · Wordmark

Source: Baskin Robbins

Brand Facts

  • 10. 31 ice-cream flavors of Baskin Robbins are depicted in its logo design by cleverly using numbers to create initials.
  • 11. In 2000, skeuomorphism was a popular logo design trend but by 2010 flat designs ruled the world.
  • 12. For continuously 227 years, Twinings Tea has used the same capitalized font with a lion crest in their logo.
  • 13. 10,000 dots rather than just 3 would've been seen on Dominos logo is its founder Tom Monaghan's idea hadn't been dropped. Idea was to add a dot in the logo for every store.
  • 14. 7 types of lions have been spotted since 1917 in MGM Studios mascot logo.

Logo Design Dimensions/Sizes

  • 15. 300px x 300px should be the maximum size of a social media logo design
  • 16. 500px by 500px is usually the size of a logo design artboard.
  • 17. 200KB should be the file size of your logo if you're posting it online.
  • 18. 20px to 30px should be the minimum height of a logo for a website.

Logo Industry

  • 19. 67% of small businesses are willing to $500 for logo design while 18% would pay up to $1000
  • 20. $199 is the starting price of a good professional logo design.
  • 21. 80% of design crowdsourcing is done by small businesses and startups.
  • 22. Through 2024, logo designers are expected to face strong competition for jobs.
  • 23. $5 logos are the cheapest designs you’ll get with no guarantee of quality.
  • 24. Only 5 – 15 minutes are spent on creating a logo in logo maker on average.
  • 25. $3 billion is the estimated market size of logo design service in USA.
  • 26. By 1970’s, company were convinced that a visual corporate identity is beneficial for their businesses.

Logo Design Marketing

  • 27. Levi's first used its logo design in 1886 as a way to grow its market share.
  • 28. The 1977 Apple logo was multicolored to sell that Macs had colored screens.
  • 29. It was in 2000, Google hired illustrators to redesign its logo for holidays and events.

Source: German Culture

Source: Kunal Sen

Logo Design Copyright/Trademark

  • 30. 10 months or more are needed to get your business logo trademarked by an authority.
  • 31. $325 is charged to submit the basic logo trademark application.
  • 32. 10 years is the shelf-life of a logo’s trademark.
  • 33. Until the 1980s, U.S. law refused to recognize a single color as a brand.

Logo Lawsuits

  • 34. In 2010, a case was filed against Nike’s logo stating it resembles the 1957 logo of cigarette brand Newport.
  • 35. $5 million lawsuit was filed against singer Cher for copying designer Moshik Nadav's logo typography in 2017.
  • 36. 6,000 pounds lawsuit was filed by Starbucks against a local coffee stall in Bangkok that copied the brand's logo.
  • 37. In 2008, Victoria School of Business and Technology was sued by Apple for using the icon of an apple in its logo.

Source: Channel Futures

Logo Design Crowdsourcing

  • 38. 27,000 entries were received when Toyota crowdsourced its first logo in 1936.

Logo Design Awards

  • 39. Out of 1,200 submissions 20 entries won in HOW Logo Design Awards in 2017.
  • 40. 58% votes were garnered by Ad Victorem logo in the logo design category of HOW Design Awards via Reader’s Choice voting in 2018.
  • 41. 600 regional, national and international graphic design awards have been received by identity designer, Jeff Fisher.
  • 42. 40 design awards have been won by the famous FedEx logo.

Logo Design Education

  • 43. Out of 320 postsecondary schools offering art and design under The National Association of School of Art and Design (NASAD) only a few concentrate on logo design.

Logo Design Process

  • 44. 20 to 30 sketches are made for a single logo design on average.
  • 45. 2 to 5 hours are consumed in designing the first version of a logo.
  • 46. 3 logo concepts are made for the client to decide on one.
  • 47. 7 – 10 days are usually spent on logo design projects on a crowdsourcing website.
  • 48. It takes 5 steps, usually, to make a logo design on an online platform.

Logo Design Costs

  • 49. $100,000 was the cost of NeXT Computer logo designed by Paul Rand for Steve Jobs in 1986.
  • 50. Only $35 was charged by Carolyn Davidson to create the iconic Nike logo in 1971.
  • 51. $1 million was the total cost of designing the 2008 minimal Pepsi logo using the golden ratio rule.
  • 52. $15 was the price of the first Twitter logo and the bird was taken from iStockphoto.
  • 53. $1.8 Million was charged to make BBC new logo. The logo uses clear letters 'B B C' in square boxes.
  • 54. $625,000 was the worth of the 2007 London Olympics logo, considered as the worst design of the year.
  • 55. $280,000 was spent on the Belfast logo in 2008 that used the symbol of love: heart.
  • 56. World's most expensive logo designs:
  • · Symantec Brand & Acquisition – $1,280,000,000
  • · Accenture Logo Design – $100,000,000
  • · British Petroleum Logo & Marketing – $210,000,000
  • 57. You'll see a 10 - 40% reduction in logo printing cost if you use less ink, says Ecobranding.
  • 58. 20% processing fee is generally charged on logo design crowdsourcing platforms.
  • 59. Usually you get 7 days to pick a winning logo design after the project has ended.

Source: Wiki Commons

Source: BBC World News

Logo Design History

  • 60. In 13th century, Egyptians brand domestic animals with hieroglyph symbols to mark ownership.
  • 61. In 1440, Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press that set a stage for modern logo designs.
  • 62. By late 15th century, many printers were using brand marks to identify their works.
  • 63. Between 1910 and 1913, commercial logos became common in the US and in Europe.
  • 64. The 18th and 19th century logos were complex shapes with intricate designs.
  • 65. Before 1968 the word "Pete's" was attached with the Subway Logo.
  • 66. In 1885, Frank Mason Robinson designed the Coca-Cola logo starting the modern era of logo designing.
  • 67. Before 1940, global brewer Carlsberg used the Swastika symbol in their logo.
  • 68. The first abstract logo was made in 1870s. It was the Bass logo with red triangle.
  • 69. By early 21st century large corporations like MTV, Nickelodeon, and Google adopted dynamic logos that changed in appearance in different settings.
  • 70. Pepsi logo evolved from 1898 wordmark to an abstract design by 2008.
  • 71. The recognized wordmark logo of Johnson & Johnson was first used in 1887.
  • 72. The first Heinz logo design was used as early as 1869, the same year the company was founded.
  • 73. General Electric logo was first introduced in 1890’s during the Art Nouveau period.
  • 74. The first digital logo trend started in 1951 with the CBS TV logo, which was created deliberately for screen appearance.
  • 75. The famous stallion in Ferrari logo can be traced back to 1692 at the time of Vittorio Amadeo II, Duke of Savoy.

Source: Coca Cola

Source: CBS

Logo Designers And Logos

  • 76. 1960's London-based design agency Wolff Olins re-introduced pictorial symbols in branding.
  • 77. In 1969, Salvador Dali designed the logo for Spanish lollipop company, Chupa Chups.
  • 78. In 1920, a BP employee AR Sanders designed the first BP logo that won in a company competition.
  • 79. In 1948, Walt Disney designed the Toys for Tots train logo and its poster.
  • 80. In 1961, Paul Rand designed the iconic United Parcel Service (UPS) logo.
  • 81. Until 2008, the Pepsi Globe logo resembled the Taegeuk symbol widely used in South Korea.
  • 82. In 1976, the first Apple logo was designed by Ronald Wayne, referred to as the third co-founder of the company.
  • 83. In 1962, McDonald’s hired psychologist Louis Cheskin who suggested the golden arches "M" for the logo.
  • 84. In 1998, the first multi-colored Google logo was designed by Sergey Brin using free tool GIMP.
  • 85. In 1983, award-winning designer created the AT&T logo that wasn’t changed until 2005.
  • 86. The classic Coca-Cola wordmark has remained intact for over 130 years with some minor changes.
  • 87. 34 years is the average lifespan of Saul Bass logo designs.
  • 88. The 1972 IBM logo created by legendary brand designer Paul Rand hasn't been changed to date.
  • 89. In 1953, freelance designer Art Paul was approach by Playboy founder Hugh Hefner to design the logo of the new magazine, which has remained the same to this date.
  • 90. The 2016 Uber logo created by CEO Travis Kalanick became the most controversial and hated logo of the decade.
  • 91. Since 1976, the I Love New York, logo designed by Milton Glaser, has become the most used logo in the country.
  • 92. The mid-1930’s 20th Century Fox logo was created by Emil Kosa, a special effects animator, which lasted until 1944.
  • 93. The current Columbia Pictures logo was digitally created by artist Michael Deas.
  • 94. The iconic 1997 crescent and boy logo of Dreamworks was the brainchild of filmmaker Steven Spielberg.
  • 95. In 1868 founder Henri Nestle designed the Nestle logo based on his name's interpretation in German.


  • 96. 156 Americans between the ages of 20 and 70 were asked to draw 10 famous logos from memory in a study, Branded in Memory. 1,500 drawing were created in 80 hours.
  • 97. The 1994 FedEx logo designed by Lindon Leader is the most famous example of a negative space logo.
  • 98. It takes 8 impressions for consumers to memorize a logo design.
  • 99. The Starbucks 1971 logo has been inspired by a 16th century Norse woodcut of a twin-tailed mermaid.
  • 100. McDonald's logo is recognized by children as young as 4 years old.
  • 101. Until the Black Cauldron in 1985, Walt Disney never used its logo animation in front of a film.