How Much Should You Pay For Your Company Logo?

For a business owner, planning and spending in marketing and promotional activities is necessary. It is also vital to get the company logo designed in the proper way. You have to remember a professionally designed logo helps in creating a strong first impression on the potential customer's mind. While you want to ensure a logo made for your brand turns out to be a stunning one and gels with the theme and niche of business- you have to think of the budget too. Like everything else - you may have set a budget range for designing a company logo.

Factors Affecting the Budget for Logo Design

If you are getting the brand logo designed for the first time- deciding the budget can be quite difficult. The price of a logo design will depend on some factors, including the type of designer or agency, you select, the company's profile, complexity of the design and several other factors.

Design Complexity

Many a times, business owners go in for a monochrome logo, assuming that it would be cost-efficient. However, this is not necessarily true. While monochrome logos can be an affordable alternative to a more elaborate logo, a good logo design may be as expensive as going in for a more colorful logo. The intricacy of design and number of colors used can also have a direct impact on the price of the logo. Logos made with simple geometric shapes and curves typically cost less than those involving intricate floral patterns, complex geometrical shapes etc.

Who to Hire

Likewise, who designs your logo also plays an important role in the pricing. A freelancer will charge you really low. But, you may not get the desired results. On the contrary, while an experienced logo designing company may charge you several dollars more, you can be rest assured that you will get a logo that gives your company the identity and image that you have in mind. Reputable logo design companies have designers who have years of experience up their sleeve and can provide you a brand guide, an exclusive brand identity and also other perks like coordinated biz cards, banners, and a branding style exclusive to your company.

Logo Designing Options under Varying Price Brackets

It is not exactly realistic to predict how much the logo design cost will be for a company or organization. However, based on some vital parameters you can estimate quotes within certain ranges.

a. DIY Logo design at a modest budget (under $100)

When you want to get the logo of a startup designed and budget is modest, keeping the logo design cost within $100 will be prudent. Even under this section, the cost will vary according to the options chosen.

If you have good skills in graphic design and have suitable software, the cost can be actually minimal. There are both freeware and commercial illustration apps that can be used for this. You may even use online tools that need no installation for designing the brand logo. Of course, the free design tools have limited features and design options. If you opt for commercial software like Corel or Adobe Illustrator, the design possibilities are wider. Some, such apps are also available on a subscription basis and the benefit is you can use the software for all designing needs later.

Companies offering DIY LOGO design service:

b. Freelance Logo Designers at Affordable Budget (under $900)

If you are not an expert in illustration or using graphic design tools and still do not want to spend a huge amount in designing company logo - hiring a freelance designer makes sense. There are freelancers who are veterans in logo and graphic designing work. Their charges tend to be lower than what mainstream design agencies quote. The freelancers can be found by searching online with filters like location and price range. Of course, some such freelance designers have websites too. It would be wrong to think, your logo design needs may not be fulfilled by hiring freelancers. Some of these design professionals have years of experience in working with top design studios and they offer top notch service.

When you hire a freelancer graphic designer, a few aspects have to be analyzed. This will help you understand the capability of the designer and negotiate accordingly. These are:

  • 1. Way of billing (Per hour or per assignment)
  • 2. Years of experience in the industry
  • 3. Service terms
  • 4. Portfolio of work and samples
  • 5. Timeline for delivery of the design
  • 6. Client feedbacks in case the designer has a website
  • 7. Social media profiles

Freelance options for logo design services:

c. Mid- Range Graphic Design Agency ($1000 upwards to $2400 approx)

If your monetary range is better, you can opt for the mid-range options. You can pick from many mid-range graphic design agencies to design your company logo. Based on the agency profile and complexity of the logo, the expense may be upwards of $2000. Before shelling out such an amount for the logo design- it is essential to assess credibility of the agency. For this, you should check out the portfolio of the company offering the design services. You can sometimes get lower rates in cases of referral from a good source. These agencies typically have small teams to take care of logo design and related work.

Midrange logo design agencies in the USA:

d. High range (upwards $2500)

If the budget for logo design is high, you can opt for one of the top graphic design agencies. These high end agencies conduct extensive market research and analysis of rivals before getting into the actual design process. They have dedicated team for executing various activities of each design project. They even offer logo design packages as part of overall brand identity development package. They offer tailor made templates for logo design, business card design etc., and also offer customizable services to meet client needs the best. Just like what you do when picking a freelancer, you should examine the company portfolio and analyze client feedback before selection. One advantage of selecting the top notch graphic design agencies is that availability of a skilled team. It ensures you do not have to wait for a long time for the design to be done in a fitting manner. This can be handy when you need a redesign of the brand logo and time is scarce.

Some logo design agencies in the USA:

Factors to keep in mind

No matter if you choose a freelance designer or a full-fledged design agency for designing your brand logo, analyzing a few factors becomes necessary. This will also impact the final pricing of the logo.

  • e. You have to learn the modes of delivery. Top notch agencies offer logo delivery to clients in any modes. They offer digital copies through email, including web optimized formats and some also deliver in optical media. Mostly, they will offer vector high resolution formats.
  • f. Remember that a dedicated logo design agency's charge will be higher than that of a freelancing designer. The design agencies not only create a fitting logo for your company, but they also offer additional and related services to develop a brand image for clients. They can help in designing other merchandise for your brand, including marketing collateral, banners and business cards. They can also offer logo design under an umbrella package for the clients. This is what a freelancer cannot offer.
  • g. You get full legal copyright of the logo as well.
  • h. It is also necessary to learn about the terms of the agency for modification.
  • i. Every design agency or even a freelancer requires a certain amount of time for doing research for the design and execute ideas. Make sure you get the facts on timing and deadline of design, delivery before signing a deal with these agencies. The same is applicable for their service terms.