About Us

We Are the Image Builders

A picture is worth a thousand words, and we wholeheartedly believe in that. Every project at Logo Design Guru is like a work of art, curated to perfection closely following the brand’s requirements.

We believe in satisfying customers with innovative design solutions to help build high-powered brands for their businesses.

We Make Your Brand Distinctive

All branding starts with a logo but it doesn’t end there.

We give you brand agency experience at an affordable price. How we see it, custom design to the “T” is the way to go. Regardless of the type of design – stationery, marketing collateral, brochure or web design, you should fall in love with your design.

Meet the Man behind the Company

What happens when a serial entrepreneur is thrown among graphic designers? Disruption happens!

At a time when the graphic design industry was swamped with expensive brand agencies and mediocre custom graphic designers, Zaheer Dodhia decided enough was enough.

Time to evolve.

Dodhia was of the view that it was possible for business owners to get beautifully crafted, luxury brand designs without breaking their bank.

A crowdsourcing platform is born

Dodhia started the business with a small team of 21 graphic designers who worked in-house. The establishment delivered top notch designs which resulted in extremely happy customers.

The rest is, as they say it, history.

During the same time, they managed to recruit award winning global graphic designers to work on the platform as well. As the community grew, the business expanded.

Today, we’re a happy family of 100,000+ graphic designers.

Satisfying Customers Since 2001

Since inception, our motto has always been “100% satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back”, including our valued graphic designers. To date we’ve satisfied thousands of customers and we’ve got the numbers to prove it!

45,051 contests closed
157 positive reviews
5 Star rated company