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It's not just companies that have logos anymore. Events like weddings can have their own special logos, even if they're not the most lavish affairs. These wedding logos are used for the wedding invites, save-the-date reminders, and as monograms on the napkins and party favors. A wedding monogram logo hence serves to create memories and needs serious consideration.


Symbols for designing wedding logos don't need to be excessive or complicated. They should be simple enough for printing, replicating, and scaling to fit several mediums. You may want the logo on your banner designs, napkins, ribbons, and even as a responsive addition to a social media platform about the event.

The symbols you choose should also be meaningful, like the couple's initials entwined together or the specific wedding date. There might be some other embellishments, like flowers, anchors, infinity symbols or a ribbon image.


A wedding logo's colors need to reflect the preferences of the couple and the event itself. If you're all about a glamorous, pristine event, you may want to stick with gold on a white background, with fonts and embellishments to match. If you're going for a fun-themed wedding, use bright colors in a tasteful fashion. However, tacky and garish shades are probably regrettable choices.


Since this would most likely be a formal event, you may want to have curvy, flowing letters. If you're only going to have the initials, a curly font like Amazon BT would be good enough. A monogram made of this font would still be somewhat legible and still a decorative logo for the various mediums you need. Whatever you do, make sure that the font is simple enough to provide a compact experience whether you want to shine a large version on the dance floor or have a tiny one embroidered on your napkins.


There are several details where a wedding logo can work to provide a unifying effect. To achieve this in the most professional manner, get the services of an experienced logo design company.


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