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Vocational School Logo Design Techniques

People learn in different ways, but first impression leaves a lasting impact. Vocational schools provide practical training and short career-focused programs to students. It must exist as a brand for students to remember and value their school's teachings. The first step to creating a kickass brand for your vocational school is to get a meaningful logo made that entails your brand message.

If you are looking to get a vocational school logo designed, be clear about the basics needed in a memorable vocational school logo. The colors used in vocational school logos are bold and bright such as maroon, dark blue, black, red, green and yellow. These colors depict optimism, youthfulness and strength. Some vocational school logos are made of a single solid color whereas some include 2-3 colors depending upon the type of vocational school.

The symbols used in vocational school logos are mostly the ones that gives a strong message of education backed with practical experience. For example, a graduation cap with a hammer, book with a laurel, man with a computer, flaming torch in gear, pencil with a compass, etc. The key is to choose the symbol depending upon the type of vocational school that you operate.

Vocational school logos are most effective when they include at least some text. The name of the school must be present to help create brand awareness. Serif typefaces such as Times New Roman and Century Schoolbook are commonly used in vocational school logos because they portray cleanness and clarity.

Some of the common images used in school logos include laurel leaves, books, trophies, shields, trees, degrees, etc. All these symbols connote wisdom, academic excellence and progress. The selected typeface must be professional as you want prospective students to be sure that they can trust the faculty to provide them with the best education. Texts with excessively decorative swirls, curlicues, etc. may distract the viewer from your goals. Once you are well-aware about the objects that are required in a superb school logo, design a school logo yourself or hire professional help to do the task for you.

Be creative when designing your vocational school logo but ensure that you don't overdo it. Have a look at our logos to see the basics of vocational school logo in detail. If you want professionals to handle the work, hire expert graphic designers to help you transform your vocational school branding game.


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