What Fans Look For in Tennis Logos

Tennis may not be an action-filled contact sport, but it definitely attracts millions of passionate fans. In order to tap into this industry, you should make sure that your tennis logo stands out and is well-received by tennis enthusiasts. Below, we'll discuss the importance of this goal as well as give some tips on how to go about fulfilling it:

Logo as the Face of Your Tennis Team

The importance of a tennis logo can be realized by the fact that it represents your team, company or institution. Furthermore, it not only has to adorn the shirts for the tennis players but is also an important aspect of the T-shirts bought and worn by fans of the game and used in other forms of marketing materials important for promoting your tennis team.

Logo's Significance to Fans

It's also essential that a tennis logo conveys the right kind of strength. True fans of tennis appreciate not just the victory part of the game, as the new ATP logo emphasizes. They also look for and appreciate the form and skill of the players. The old logo had the image of a professional player serving a tennis ball. According to many loyal fans, this is a better representation than the new one, which only focuses on a logo image signifying victory.

Logo Represents Team Spirit

Tennis is a sport that depends on its fans for investment and support. Hence, you need to show some energy in your logo in order to instill a sense of excitement in your fans. You can bring this about by using some bright, vivid colors and symbols which show activity. For instance, the image of a player could be jumping into the air, serving, or cheering. Having stars or a trophy in your tennis logo would also enhance a sense of fandom. In order to make sure that your tennis logo has the right effect, consider hiring a professional logo designer. This way, you'd have an experienced guidance of what to include and why.


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