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4 Primary Types of Recruitment Logos

Recruitment firms or agencies are all about interacting with people – customers, clients, and profiles on the job market. Since recruitment companies fall under the category of one of the most-followed agencies by adult public, its logo must be as well-designed and rock-solid as is the nature of its work. For staffing agencies, professional branding is essential as it speaks to a very large audience. An unprofessional staffing logo can marginally depreciate your sales and clientele, and in order to do justice to the logo, you need to put in the maximum effort to its development.

People in Recruitment Logos

Many recruitment firms today include characters in their brand logos, which leads to a misconception that it is actually necessary for the recruitment agency startups to insert “people” into their logos in order to produce the “signature” effect on the public. This point may contain some modicum of truth, yet however, it is not at all mandatory for recruitment agency startups to incorporate “people” into the logos. In fact, there are numerous agencies not using a “people’s logo” and their brand is still interacted by millions of customers today.

Types of Recruitment Logos

To begin with, there are five primary types of Recruitment Logos around the world, and although advisory recommends originality is the key to success, it is wise to not pass up on these and experiment something totally new. A combination of these types is also popular, but again, they say– simplicity is the other key to success.

1. Symbol Mark Logo

The most primary form of any logo is a symbol or an icon. In fact, if we hear the word “logo,” we immediately picture a trademark made up of stylish symbols and icons representing brands. For logo designers around the world, a symbol-mark logo is considered bold and expressive, or rather one can say, they are the superlative degree as compared to other types. Recruitment firms can select or create a unique symbol logo that resonates with their brand and fashion it such to create compelling logos. Developing a fascinating symbol logo for the recruitment firms is a matter of budget higher than the average and therefore, those companies that do not have much resource to plan their branding fail to adopt these kinds of logos.

2. Letter Mark Logo

The next powerful logo design type of employment agencies is a letter-mark. It resembles a wordmark logo but is different in the sense that the company’s name is a shortened or abbreviated version. Awkward and mouthful names of agencies that become hard to remember are preferred as a pair of letters denoting the initials, or as a shortened rendition of the brand. Many recruitment firms have deliberately opted for a letter-mark logo because it is popularly known to produce a visually powerful and coercive effect on the onlookers.

3. Wordmark Logo

Wordmark is the most prevailing and timeless logo type used by recruitment agencies because, a) it tells the agency’s name in full text and respective font, and b) it is relatively feasible. Many companies do utilize custom fonts for wordmark logos, but recruitment firms rarely employ the technique. A wordmark logo in brand’s original font and text simply commits it to the memory of the target audiences. We have a huge number of wordmark logos around us, such as “Clear Leaf Recruitment Services” and “Extra Shift,” to name just two.

4. Combination Mark

The next most popular logo type is the combination mark logo, used by all industries from recruitment agencies to manufacturing brands. The major reason of this popularity is the stark fact that this kind of a logo will advertise not only the full brand’s name, but also the signature symbol or icon of the company (if there is any). Business cards, stamping stationery and every other kind of medium of marketing involve the complete details of the agency, which is why a combination mark is popularly used as it provides details more than any other type of logo. Recruitment agencies, in particular, prefer this type of logo because it is visually very appealing and impressionable. When looking at an agency’s combination mark, prospective customers can at least recall the icon if not the firm’s name itself.

We could have added a fifth primary type to this list by the name of “People’s Logo mark,” but that is an approach used in earlier times. In fact, if we browse the recruitment agencies, we would hardly see the monotonous ‘people’s logo’ owned by any of the bigger firms today. Designers are going for originality and inserting characters into a logo just because a firm works to provide employment is too conventional.

However with that said, there is absolutely no harm in developing a logo icon with either a character holding a briefcase, or a person with a tie in prominence. Just think creatively!


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