The Importance of Colors in Sports Logo Designs

When you're thinking of designing a sports logo, there are no doubt many factors to take into account. You would have to make it effective yet flexible enough to fit all sorts of mediums; it should be eye-catching; it should depict the team spirit and motto etc. However, the colors you choose are of special importance. Read on below to find out why:

1. Visibility

Sports are usually played on fields on in some sort of hall or court like basketball. While the latter options might properly show up many kinds of colors, the outdoors is a little trickier like football or golf. You basically have to make sure that the colors on the team's uniforms, the banners, and anything else stands out properly.

The best colors for visibility would be blue, red, yellow, orange, etc. These would be recognizable from a distance and would hence be good for uniforms and merchandise alike

2. Color over Black and White

Some expert logo designers may swear by the black-and-white shades, but statistics say that best sports logo colors are much easier to identify than plain ones. It's hence essential that you pick out some bold, bright colors for your sports logo in order to make it work properly. One example could be a red and orange logo of lion or an eagle in equally vivid colors.

3. Layering

Since sports logos are usually printed on several mediums, they shouldn't be on the light or bright side. This is because you might need to remove a few layers from the logo in order to make it work for stationery and other forms of merchandise. Bold, deep shades like red, dark green, dark blue, and purple would be better choice than pink, sky blue, or other pastel hues.


If you need an effective color usage in your sports logo design, be sure to consult a professional graphic logo designer, Services like these will help you go a long way in obtaining the perfect result.


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