Choosing the Right Fonts For Your Soccer Logo

Soccer is a highly popular game in the United States, and its fans are one of the industry's biggest assets. This is why it's so important to get a soccer logo just right. Before we go on, this game should not be confused with American football which has unique logo style of its own.

The font is an especially troublesome and relevant choice here, as many competitors may use similar-looking options. Read on to find out just why it's so important to choose the right font for your soccer logo and how you should go about it.

1. Identity

In the US, every soccer team needs to have their own identity. This would help fans root for them and also help the team to differentiate themselves from others. The font you use in a soccer logo hence needs to be clear, legible, and bold enough for fans to see it clearly. What's more, the font on your soccer logo may very well be used for printing the names of the players on the soccer jerseys as well. This is all the more reason why they need to be legible yet not boring. Yet at the same time they need to exude the energy and spirit distinctive to your team. They have to match or complement the symbol or mascot you use to create your soccer logo design.

2. Examples of Fonts

Most of the popular soccer teams have fonts that are easily read from a distance. Take, for example, the Premier Development League. This team's logo uses patriotic colors along with a star to signify the American flag. It also uses a font similar to Univers Condensed in capital letters. This makes for an easy read while still making sure the letters aren't too plain or boring.

3. Formatting fonts

The fonts that can help you make a perfect logo should be open to expansion or condensation as required. When designing the logo, try running the font through a Photoshop filter. This would change them somewhat, but let you know if they'd still be legible in several situations.


The right font for a soccer logo can be hard to choose, Make sure you get at least a consultation form a professional logo designer before deciding upon the final look.


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