How to Determine the Size of Your Skating Logo

When you're aiming to make an effective skating logo, there are several factors to take into consideration. The size of such a logo might be the most important of them all, especially if you want them to get noticed everywhere. Below are some designing guidelines to help to decide what size of logo to use for your skating rink, skating lessons, skating tournament, or any other kind of brand:

1. Available Sizes

Before you decide on a certain size of logo, see what proportions are actually available. There could be small, medium-sized, or huge logo design for billboards and buildings. The best way to design your logo would then be aimed towards rescaling it for these sizes. For instance, you may want to start out with a large logo for a banner or billboard, but make sure it can safely be scaled down for adorning smaller items. These include uniforms, helmets, and the skates themselves.

2. Branding Styles

The size of your skating logo would also depend on the kind of branding style you need to portray to your target audience. Skating tournaments and skating brands, in general, like to make a huge splash in order to convey an active, exciting vibe on stadium entrances, digital billboards, or banners across the skating rink. In order to create such an impression, a high resolution logo is in order.

You may also want to go for a cleaner, more professional look as your line of work moves higher up like professional skater management company, skating coaches or sponsors. Achieve this vibe by going for smaller or medium logo sizes that fit perfectly on stationery, packaging and press releases.

3. Color Combinations

If you're using a combination of similar colors, your skating logos should be relatively of high resolutions. This would allow potential customers to actually see the difference between shades and achieve the effect you wish for.


Engage an expert graphic designer for your skating logo. This would bring your logo design ideas to life in a more unique and effective manner.


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