How to Design a School Logo

When you are in business, it is imperative to establish brand in a way that it leaves a lasting impression on the customer. As a school, it's important that you establish a sense of pride and belongingness amongst the students and the staff. It is also vital that prospective students and parents are demonstrated that your school lies at the forefront in academic excellence. The first step in achieving this objective is to get a well-designed and professional logo made that is a direct depiction of your school's personality.

Your logo serves as the pivotal visual torch-bearer of your values, personality, mission and objectives. This serves as the image you want to put forth in front of the community, therefore, be wise in getting a school logo made.

Let's break down some of the basics to make the process of getting a school logo designed easier for you. The style of your school logo will be dependent upon the type of school or program that you run. For example, if you operate a pre-school, your logo will have bright colors and vibrant typography.

In general, blue is regarded as a great choice for school logos because it is a connotation of logic, excellence and intelligence. But if you run an arts school, you may use colors like yellow and orange, predicting creativity. The choice of color is dependent upon the type of school that you run.

Some of the common images used in school logos include laurel leaves, books, trophies, shields, trees, degrees, etc. All these symbols connote wisdom, academic excellence and progress. The selected typeface must be professional as you want prospective students to be sure that they can trust the faculty to provide them with the best education. Texts with excessively decorative swirls, curlicues, etc. may distract the viewer from your goals. Once you are well-aware about the objects that are required in a superb school logo, design a school logo yourself or hire professional help to do the task for you.


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