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The Best Salon & Spa Logos Pay Attention to these Elements

Creating a logo design for a salon and spa business would entail evoking certain feelings. Such businesses thrive on making customers feel pampered and have them looking their best. If you make sure your logo can convey this message, your company can gain a competitive edge in attracting your target audience.


The best salon and spa logo symbols would open up images of a calming, refreshing experience that customers can look forward to. Match your logo symbol to whatever defines your salon and its atmosphere the most. If you're going for a relaxing, peaceful atmosphere, something like waves of water could be a logical choice. For portraying specific services, you can use a pair of scissors, a barber's pole, or a blow-dryer. Use flower symbols for a wellness studio, but be careful not to use completely generic graphics.


The colors in your spa and salon logo would again reflect the kind of environment you offer. A relaxing atmosphere is best conveyed by soft, calming colors. Use reds and bright yellows to represent lively and energetic atmospheres. For a luxurious effect, use black with gold embellishments and fonts. Lucida Handwriting is just one example of a cursive font that's legible in many sizes.


When you design your logo, make sure to save it in vector form. The simpler you keep your design and fonts, the easier it would be to rescale it for any item or medium. Your salon and spa logo needs to be legible on house-brand products, towels, robes, billboards, uniforms, etc.


If you're looking for the best logo design for your salon and spa business, it's best to work with the experience and insight of an expert logo designer. This way, you'd be sure of gaining an effective logo for portraying your message.


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