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Logo Design Ideas for a Popcorn Company Brand Identity

There are fewer Popcorn companies out there to serve the masses, but the competition between those few remains tough. Are you one of the Popcorn company owners who is looking for new ways to staying ahead of its competition? Or, perhaps you have just started your business and are looking for a logo for branding to make your breakthrough memorable in the competitive market? In this article, we will discuss this one imperative factor, in developing a popcorn company's brand success; one that although may appear small enough but, in fact, is the prime measurer of progress.

The Importance of a Logo Design

We recognize brands and companies through the trademarks they wear. Since a business logo is the sole representative of the entity, be it grocery, food items or restaurant, it withholds great responsibility. A stranger who knows nothing about a business will primarily scrutinize the logo, and within a moment, an impression of the entire brand in subject will be formed in their mind. It can take from years to a few months for changing that concept for the better but that is a game of chance. The reality will be the fact that you lost a customer just because they did not feel the urge to connect by viewing your company's logo.

Below you will find some key pointers that you must keep in mind while designing your Popcorn Company logo. From paying attention to visual details to highlighting the underlying concept, a logo must enchant its onlooker enough to push them inside the shop.

Key Elements

1.The Name

Since we are discussing Popcorn Company Logos in specific, the name of this business must be unique, easy and snazzy. It is because, unlike the restaurants or cafes that offer a number of meals, we do not have variety when it comes to puffed-up corn. You may alter the flavor a tad bit, add a bit of sauce or spice perhaps, but popcorns will remain small, crooked and fluffy until the end of time. Therefore, you need to keep your company's name chic and snazzy to stand out from the competition and is easy to recall whenever anybody feels like having some corn kernel.

Hip names like 'Popcorner', 'Pupcorn' and 'Poppery' are not only a direct indication to the nature of the business but are also fashionable, customer-friendly and easy to memorize.

2.The Font

The typeface comes next in importance. An expressive, good-looking font with crisp or crooked letters is not only a treat to the vision but they give your brand, a finished, classy look that is difficult to miss. While designing your Popcorn logo, you can apply thick, curved font in capitals, trimmed 'Gothic' typeface or even the classic, serif fonts that inflicts a cultured, royal imagery to your brand.

3.The Color and Symbol

Prior to reading the brand name, examining its typeface, an onlooker's eye will catch the colors and symbol emanating off the logo. Our eyes reflect the colors in nanoseconds and process them even more quickly; therefore, it is imperative to keep your color palette balanced, its emblem different and the overall image, captivating.

While going for Popcorn Company's logo, designers can, utilize almost every human-favorite shade including pink, brown, beige, gold and black. However, make sure your logo either entertain the colors contrastingly or as solo, because throwing in many hues tend to disturb the focus of the logo.

Coming to the symbol choice, it is only rational that you hunt the specific puffed-up corn images overflowing from a bucket or just spread around the brand's name in this particular logo design. For a general statement, nevertheless, always go for symbols/emblems that either highlight any particulars of your business or are unique but relatable to the set-up. For example, in the KFC logo, we see an old man who wears an apron and is clearly a chef. The trademark itself indicates towards the founder, which in turn signifies the originality of the brand. Brainstorm ideas for an icon that are unusual.

4.What Not to Do:

Once you are familiar with the key components of logo designing, have a look at the "Not To-Do" list as well so that you know when and where to stop. Making the logo too big, too small, using sharper and rounded edges together, hard-to-read fonts, fancy templates, subdued colors, similarity to trends, overly complex and importantly, hiring an amateur to do the work.


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