Why Personal Branding in Political Logos Work

You can’t survive in politics unless you have the local support – it calls for plenty of hard work and struggle to win over the civilians and toughen up the roots to take up the administration. In the campaign of persuading your voters for approving your political stance, a personal logo alleviates the way significantly. That’s right, logos are especially designed to brand people personally, and this tactic is fairly used by social media figures as well. For politicians, there is not a better approach than personal branding through logos for building a separate, unique identity – one that is going to reflect your entire personality, albeit, obscurely.

What Do You Need in Your Political Logo?

To begin with, you need to answer a couple of questions yourself before you lay out the plan for designing your political logo. These questions are going to make it easier for the designer to come up with a sketch that is relevant to you personally. Since we are talking about personal branding for political entity, your individual involvement is going to be required on and off. The questions are:

  • Who are you?
  • What is your ambition in politics?
  • What do people need to know about you?
  • Why should they care?

Personal branding means to build your reputation and your image through means of advertisements – not limited to but including – logo designs as well. Somebody quite successful in his business once said, a personal brand is something which is going to talk about you when you are not in that room. You as a politician will be discussed and weighed based on the logo design for your political movement. A personal brand always begins with the values you keep close to heart – particularly as a politician, your beliefs, principles in life, and you as a character yourself is going to matter significantly for the onlookers. Therefore, you have to put in the respective elements in logo design to convey your set standards clearly enough to your audiences.

These may include: honesty, innovation, leadership, excellence, team-work, well-wisher, responsiveness, justice, and sincerity and etcetera. A golden rule is to go for the characteristic you find most prominent and complete in yourself. You can also choose the one that you think is how you want people to perceive you as. Or, you can try out for more than one if you can handle keeping it all simple and clear enough.

Elements of a Political Logo Design

Once you are positive on what particular image you wish to build yourself, look for the elements that would instill trust and reliability in civilians through your logo. The basic way to go about this is using colors that connect you with your country. See what colors are in your country’s flags – blue, red, white or red, black and yellow? Whatever they might be, try to incorporate the same colors in your logo. This will serve two purposes; one, you might win legislative support by appearing as a service to the Government rather than to the voters.

And number two, it is going to instill positivity, trust and authenticity amongst your voters regarding you as a politician. Although not necessary, but using your country’s national colors is a good idea for gaining confidence as well.

Imagery, Symbol and Colors

There are several more ways to gaining people’s trusts and confidence through personal branding as a politician. These include the font usage and the imagery or symbols for the logo. If there is a symbol in your country’s flag, you can incorporate the same, however a bit transformed, into your logo. For example, some flags contain a shining star, a red circle, a single tree or intersecting lines in a “Plus”. Moreover, you can put in imagery from your own creativity – for instance, a person on a podium, a sketch of a ranger indicating the soldiers of public land, or a rising sun denoting a new and positive era.

A Politician is for time being, the public’s property, until he wins and is appointed as one of the members of the legislative. Consequently, it is important that a political logo expresses not only the politician’s character but also conveys its kinship to the Government. It has two purposes to serve and therefore should be planned accordingly. To make such a tough task easier, hire professional logo designer to help and get your personal branding done the right way.


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