Cute Pet Logo Design Essentials

Pet logos are utilized for representing companies that either provide the animals in question or the supplies that pet owners need. To this end, a pet logo is essential for a pet shop, a pet daycare, and any pet supplies company branding that caters to pets and their owners. Pet supplies may include products such as food, beds, bowl, leashes, toys, etc. Other necessities that pet owners may be looking for are services like training, neutering, spaying, walking, etc.

The brand style and brand message of such logos could hence greatly vary depending on their goals and offerings. For instance, a company that sells toys for pets might have a rubber bone, a scratching post, or something similar to get their message across. The colors and fonts would also come into play in order to convey the point as quickly as possible.

Since pet owners are usually very protective of their charges, the colors and fonts used should be soothing and calming or fun and entertaining. Both large and small companies can hence use cartoon animals as well as more realistic portrayals in order to attract this target audience. If the company is dealing in toys, different bright colors may be used. The same goes for a pet daycare, though a pet shop might need to stick with more muted colors if it wants to convey a professional effect.

The fonts used for a pet logo could include Sans Serif, Serif, and perhaps even slightly fancier ones like Unicorn. These are easy to read and would provide a professional yet welcoming effect for any pet logo.

If you want to get the perfect logo for your pet business, a professional graphic logo designer would be the best investment. This step would ensure that your logos are relevant, updated, and able to attract the target audience.


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