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Pet Supplies

Logos for pet supplies have to symbolize several items within their specific category. These are mostly targeted at customers who are pet owners and want certain items for their charges. These supplies could include large items like dog beds, kennels, or cat houses. They would also include toys for pets, leashes, food, and several other smaller items.

Hence, logos for pet supplies need to have symbols which speak to the customer in need of such supplies. If you're selling cat food, for instance, a can with a cat's face on it would be a basic yet eye-catching symbol that gets the message across. If your brand message revolves around the strength of your leashes, having a leash attached to a large dog might get your point across.

The colors for pet supplies logos should be reflective of the kind of business you run. Most companies that cater to pets want to give off a fun vibe, especially if they deal with toys. To achieve this, you may use bright, funky colors and fonts. Solely black and white logos or clean lines are not recommended here. Go for colors like bright blue, pink, red, and yellow. Fonts like Bazooka might be a good idea since it's a clear typeface with a hint of entertainment.

In any case, the design style of your logo should include some hint of animals that are usually kept as pets. These include dogs, cats, birds, or perhaps even snakes. Of course, animals like rhinos or cows are not applicable here. If you're using cartoon animals in logo design, they should be smiling to convey enjoyment.

If you're looking for a great logo to represent your pet supplies company, you should look into hiring a professional graphic designer for this project. An expert in logo design would be able to make the best choices for the color, font, symbols, and other aspects of your logo.


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