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Designing Styles for Organic Farm Logos

If you're looking for a logo to represent an organic farm, consider all the factors carefully. Your target audience here are people who want to make a difference in their lifestyles. They would probably be scanning several options and be looking for the one that seems the most authentic. Also important is the brand message you want to convey in order to build up your reputation as a reliable organic farm.

You can play around with the font here a bit since your name has to attract people specifically looking for organic products. To that end, you can have a fancy font, but make sure not to use more than two kinds in the same logo. You should also consider adding a tagline that clarifies your organic offerings in case the logo isn't clear enough for everyone.

Since organic produce is a luxury item of sorts, the brand identity style for your business could be a bit different than that of a regular farm. This could mean that you stick to a black-and-white logo that gives of an elegant effect. However, luxurious colors like pink and purple are still not recommended for an organic farm. You still need to convey the message of naturalness, rustic living, and greenery in order to assure customers of your authenticity.

The designing styles used could include some leaves, vegetables, fruits, or the picture of a farmhouse. Don't go overboard with the color variety; sticking to mostly green is usually a safe bet as long as your design is unique. Any rustic or old-fashioned symbol would also give off the effect you need for an organic farm.

In order to avoid repetition and banality in your organic farm logo, consider hiring a professional logo designer. This would eliminate a lot of risks and give you a better chance of standing out with a custom logo design.


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