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How to Bring Out the Zen in Your Massage Therapy Logo

There's a lot of thought and effort that goes into a logo for a massage therapy clinic. You want to make sure that the potential audience takes one look at it and immediately feels a sense of calm. In order to achieve that calmness and relaxation for themselves, they would be tempted to head on over for some massage therapy. Below are a few design pointers on how to ensure that your massage therapy brand logo achieves the effect it's meant for:

1. Proper Alignment

Your text and icon should have a similar alignment instead of going all over the place. If you place your icon in the center of the logo, the text should ideally be within it or centered in the same way. This will create a holistic, flowing, and unified effect that's easy on the eyes. While you may place your massage therapy studio name on the right, it's ideal to have it centralized or right side.

2. Use Colors

Colors are a major influence on how relaxing and calm an effect your logo will have. Utilize shades of yellow, green, blue, and pink to achieve this effect for a massage therapy logo.

3. Clarify Your Specialty

A massage therapy center's logo use symbols that determine its specialty along with advertising the relaxation that comes with them. For instance, a sports massage therapy center logo could have some designs including sports equipment with relaxing colors in order to convey your message properly.

4. Thoughtful Gaps

Pay special attention to the gaps between words and letters in your brand name and tagline motto. If they're too close or too far from each other, it might make reading difficult. However, wide spacing might create a unique look, so it's generally safe to go for a wider effect than a narrower one.

At the same time, ensure that the font isn't too small or difficult to read from afar. Once the icon catches someone's eye, you don't want them to struggle when reading the company name or tagline.


Once you know your specialty, it's recommended to hire a professional graphic designer for a consultation at least. This will set you on the right track for designing a massage therapy logo with a relaxing touch.


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