Landscaping Company Logo Design Guide

Landscaping is a business that provides services for keeping their clients' yards and gardens groomed, neat, and planted with carefully chosen plants and shrubs. The result is not just a pleasing aesthetic, but one that can raise the value of a property. Many commercial and private groups hire the services of a landscaping business for this special purpose. A landscaping company logo should not only reflect your professional expertise but also the perceived aesthetics expected from you by your customers.

Best Symbols for Landscaping Company Logo

Whether large or small, your landscaping business needs to have a logo representing what you do. Even if you're just a couple of individuals who provide service like mowing yards, include a lawnmower in your logo to specify this service. If you're operating on a larger scale, you might include vines, flowers and other greenery in your logo. You can find more landscaping company logo design ideas here.

Selecting Colors

The colors of landscaping logos should be in line with the usual service they provide. Since you're mainly going to be working outside, choose the hues accordingly. Green, blue, and brown are usual favorites, with splashes of colors if you include flowers. It's still recommended that you don't use a mash-up of too many colors at once, as this would prove difficult for reproducing and rescaling on different mediums like car wrap designs, billboards, posters and brochures.

Choosing Fonts

The fonts for a landscaping company logo should be readable. They can be a little fancy depending on the type of services you offer. The letters may curl a bit like in the font Coronet, with vines twisting around the whole text for the whole logo effect.

Whichever logo you decide upon, save it in a vector format. This would allow it to be scaled bigger or smaller as required. You can then have a consistent logo for your landscaping stationery, vehicles, uniforms, and other equipment. If you want to get the best logo design for your landscaping company, be sure to consult a professional logo designer first.


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