How to Create a Jewelry Logo with Design Elements

Jewelry businesses have to exude a sense of trustworthiness, professionalism, and a high-end image for the most part. A unique logo design would set any jewelry business apart from its competitors along with conveying the brand message of the company.


Most jewelry businesses want their representation to be sophisticated, creative, and original. The right font can be of great help in establishing your identity and conveying your message about the styles and services you offer. Elegant fonts are traditionally considered the best for jewelers, though some startups might want something edgier. San Serif options offer an understated, stylish, yet legible experience for a jewelry logo. They also allow for proper spacing and line weight that would make your logo more versatile. Plus, such fonts also convey a modern impression.


The right symbol should be unique enough for using on several items without the company name or tagline. This is because you’d probably need a small-scaled logo for the little bags, boxes, or packaging for your jewelry items. A proper jewelry symbol would also come in handy for marketing on social media, where many jewelers are conducting a booming business.

You can go with a minimalistic visual identity design to represent the kind of jewelry you provide—examples include a half-moon, a gold circle, etc. If you want to emphasize the gems in your pieces, go for a sparkling diamond image.


Bright and vivid contrasting colors aren’t recommended for a jewelry logo, but you still have a wide variety to choose from. Consider your wares and choose some colors that you use regularly. If you’re working with gold, silver, or other precious metals, including their tones as well. You may also want to select one primary or jewel-toned color and use it as your own across logos and packaging.

The best logo designer for a jewelry shop, studio, or designer know how to combine the best elements for representing your jewelry logo.


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