Best Horse Logos and their Designing Method

Horse logos have proven to be popular options for many large brands. Just a few examples include Ferrari, Lloyds Banks, and Hermes. The symbol of a horse could mean many things, including strength, power, speed, and entertainment. Horse logos may be used for horse breeding farms, equestrians companies, horse riding clubs, etc. Such logos might even represent cars since their speed is measured in horsepower.

The way in which horse logos are designed would depend on the company they represent. If the company wants to portray a sense of the horse's strength, they can show a whole horse jumping up, pulling a cart, or look very sturdy. If they want to portray their horse-related activities, they can show am equestrian riding a horse. This way, you can portray both the branding style and brand message to benefit a company.

The colors associated with horse logos should typically be those that can be attributed to a horse. In such cases, a pink or purple horse would probably not be a good idea for a serious company that targets adults as its main consumers. However, a company selling toy horses and ponies could use such colors for their specific logo needs. For most horse logos though, the colors black, brown, red, yellow, and white look decent and acceptable.

The font for horse logos should be easy to read and eye-catching as well. Since horses are used as a symbol of strength, small and dainty fonts like Marigold aren't recommended. On the other hand, fonts like Pickwick or Old Century would give a rustic, old-fashioned effect that could be easily linked to horses.

If you're looking for some professional horse logos, consider hiring a professional logo designer for a customized option. This would help you get the logo that conveys necessary for promoting your business.


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