Expert Tips for a Trendy Hair Studio Logo Design

Hair studios have to represent themselves as being on board with the latest hairstyling trends. They, hence, have to convey this message through their trendy logos to their target audience. A hair studio logo has to be fresh, engaging, and versatile enough for some changes.


The symbols in your hair studio logo should be balanced, simple, and vivid enough to grab attention. The same goes for the symbol; you don't want too many elements crowding and confusing the audience. Remain straightforward by including a defining symbol for the kind of services you provide.

For instance, you can represent your female-oriented services by using the profile of a glamorous woman icon. If you're targeting an Asian audience, a brunette would be the best choice here. Other than the hair color, you can also use some pinks or reds to portray your aim of helping women look their best. For a studio that uses organic products, leaves and flowers logo icons would be the best representation


Use rounded edges and pale hues if you want to portray a casual message. If you want to attract an edgier audience like teenagers, sharp angles and vivid colors would be best. Again, look at the message you're conveying in order to pick the best colors. A simple black-and-white scheme would be effective for a trendy hair studio in an urban setting. Avoid any over-bright colors like neon or monochromatic shades.

Font and Words

The name of your hair studio needs to stand out. A tagline with clever wordings would also help to create the image you want. Use the words that describe the services and philosophy of your hair studio, such as 'fresh', 'trendy', 'glamorous', etc. The fonts you use should be open to rescaling or adjustments since you might want to make changes or alter the size according to the medium.


If you want the most professional logo for your hair studio, you should hire the services of an expert logo design company. This would ensure that the final logo would be unique and effective.


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