Professional Gym Logo Design Ideas

The fitness industry is booming these days, with more people being attracted towards a healthy lifestyle every day. This also means that there's a lot of competition within this market, as well as a range of products and services being provided. A gym logo design may hence be suitable for a small neighborhood gym, a large 24-hour fitness centre logo, a women's only facility, or even a gym for kids.

You can set your gym logo apart by making it reflect your organization and the services it provides. If you're offering aerobics and dance exercises, you might want to use the symbol of a dancing silhouette. A heavy weight lifting gym facility may have weights, kettlebell, or Dumbbells as the main symbols.

The colors and fonts you use for your gym logo would depend on the kind of organization you're running. If yours is a facility solely catering to females, for instance, pink might dominate your logo in order to get this message across. The font would follow suit. Even though it should be a clear typeface, you may want to add a feminine touch with a font like Lucinda Handwriting. If you're catering to kids, bright colors with images of slides and other equipment would carry your message across best. For male gym logos, deep and energetic colors like black, red and orange work best.

The target audience of gym logos is mostly people who want to work out, gain strength, and lose weight. You may want to focus on gym logo symbols that reflect these goals while making them seem attractive as well. A women cheering might be a motivating factor for certain audiences, but it depends upon the targeted demographic.

A professional logo graphic designer would be your best bet for getting an gym logo. You can thus be sure of using the right symbols and any other elements for your design.


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