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Understanding Grill and BBQ Restaurant Logo Design Concepts

In a world full of fancy advertisements, flashing billboards and flaunting brands, it gets tricky to keep up with your competition. Step out of your houses and look around - there are hundreds of food outlets open 24/7 with twinkling lights and beautiful brand logos with the promise to serve you so-called scrumptious meals. We cannot deny the fact that even restaurants cooking second-quality meals attend to a positive number of customers throughout the months.

What we learn from these observations is that the graphics, the outlook and the designs play pivotal role in swarming customers like bees to the diners. If you are a Grill or a BBQ restaurant owner and in a plight of increasing your clientele, you better take a second look at your brand logo.

What is a Logo

A logo is critical to any business you embark on, be it a commercial joint or an food outlet. It portrays the entire hard work that you put in the said business and is the single role-player that immaterially reaches out to the customers. In this article, you will come across some essential techniques and points that will shape your BBQ restaurant logo design precisely the way it should be.

By listening to the word barbeque or grill, what comes to your mind immediately? Fire and spices? That mouth-watering aroma of roasted meat? Or perhaps a rooftop, chilly night and starless sky? Apart from this being a hypothetical question, you need to answer this question because it will help you in choosing a unique symbol for your logo that will reflect the insight of your business. Next, brainstorm ideas for the icon and make sure the symbol is something simple but imposing. Along with being visually appealing, the logo must imprint itself on a potential customer's mind. There are bonus points for highlighting something about your restaurant, such as the type of meat that you consider your strongest serving or perhaps an indication to the place you are located.

The Concept

Once you have paved your approach to designing a logo concept for your restaurant (a casual, messy diner or a demure, fancy eatery) and have thought of a symbol to go along with the nature of your business, you need to invest a little more time in finalizing the "surface concepts." For example, a Grill and BBQ logo saying "Parlay's Restaurant and Lounge" with a symbol of crockeries and balls on fire is a clear enough interpretation of a fancy, staid barbeque restaurant where people can lounge, watch sports and eat sizzling roasted meat. Therefore, to begin with, paying attention to the fonts, the colors and the emblem is elementary before you proceed to the hidden concept of the logo.

For a Grill and BBQ Logo, the best and most famous color choices are yellow, orange, red and black. In the Mexican restaurants , designers use the fonts called "Hobo," "Granite," "Champion Gothic," and "Bello" to type the name of their brands. These fonts not only uplift the business' name but also reflect the tone of the diner. For example, a Grill restaurant named "Salsa" in the font of 'hobo' denotes the slim, funky-looking green chilies that are a vital ingredient of salsa dish. Color theory states that screen-logos must involve the additive color model comprising of red, green and blue. While these colors appear prominent and flashy, they are also the primary hues we see in grilling and barbeque. Consequently, you can do many experiments in creating loud, interesting and attractive logos for a barbeque restaurant.

Behind the Surface Concept

What goes on beneath the surface, the messages that the design conveys and the overall outlook of a finished logo are some of the elements that carry equal, or perhaps more, significance as compared to the surface graphics. In order to stand out, you need your logo to be easy but different from the competitor. Search in the list of logos of your competitor's businesses and see how you can make yours different yet expressive, balanced and simple. For example, the Wendy's logo which is a famous burger-place, uses a family cartoon to denote it's family-oriented space for enjoying quality food. Similarly, many restaurants that wish to call out families use cartoons in their logo-marks to communicate the message. However, it is not necessary that you use an image in your logo. Sometimes, beautifully accentuated text, in unusual fonts and energetic colors can do the trick that no other logo-mark can.

Your personal creativity and spark of personality is important to infuse in the logo for your business , since it gives your brand a voice of its own. Do not, importantly, throw in crazy elements because simplicity is the key to customer-attraction. Keep things smooth and easy, and do not fret over filling in all the white spaces of the design. At times, it is strategic to give breaks so that the secondary shapes come into focus.

Creating a distinct logo is not so tough if you look at it. All you need to consider is that your brand must carry the psyche of your motive - in this case, to treat people with deliciously grilled and barbequed meals!


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