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U.S Government Agency Logos and What Do They Speak

Logos serve a wide purpose, and essentially two types of audiences – the consumers and the spectators. We cannot limit the meaning and uses of designing logos to just luring in the customers towards a particular brand. It also plays a pivotal role in building a personal brand, especially for Government agencies and political parties.

Government agencies are permanent or semi-permanent organizations, required to keep up a positive public impression, while branding themselves in order to attain local and legislative support. Hence, U.S Government Agency Logos convey almost the same message that political parties of the state do. We will explore ten such government agencies and their logos through which they have ascended heights of success in all these years. Once again, we will get to see how correct logo designing matters gravely in accomplishing missions. If you have your logo right – either for a consumer’s brand or a political brand – you have won half of the game as it is.


The first and foremost US government agency with the ideal-most logo design is none other than the NASA. Look at the logo design of NASA closely, you will see that this logo marginally differs from other government and corporate logos. A circular “earth-like” icon with stars set in the background immediately indicates towards NASA’s area of interest. Secondly, the agency’s name is lettered in white, is bold and modern which standout from other agency logos, usually in black letters. And thirdly, there is a red-colored swirl around the circle that illustrates sort of a movement – fashionably symbolic as NASA is always exploring new spaces and new things.

2. United States Department of Transportation

We must call it an intriguing logo design due to its multiple geometry usage, plus the waviness symbolizing movement or transport. The circular outward shape is quite common in agency logos as they signify harmony and inclusiveness. US Department of Transportation, however, involve primarily two shapes, circle and triangle. The triangle is what gives the logo its originality as the designer has “moved” the triangular shape with extra measure, clearly promoting fluidity and movement.

3. The Library of Congress

The logo of the Library of Congress is the prime example of classic designing that is simple in its concept, yet whole and rich. There is graphic of a book to denote world’s largest library, and it is oriented in such a way that the overall shape of the logo is square – reflecting balance and solidity. There are wavy lines on the right side of the book that once again imply movement – the turning of pages of a book. The logo for Library of Congress is simple in its stance and is perfect for the said agency.

4. Environmental Protection Agency

Evident from the name itself, this agency works to protect the environmental conditions of the United States. The logo shows a blossoming flower in a circular shape, translating it into health, prosperity and cleanliness along with the indication of infinity and inclusive grouping. The Environmental Protection Agency logo invites in citizens to work together with the Government in leading United States’ environment towards health, purity and betterment. A very recognizable graphic form of single flower, enclosing landscape of dusk, is one of the best logo examples that conveys its intended message in simplest elements.

5. Federal Communications Commission

The agency looks after the media services of the States, double checking transmissions and limits. Its logo is as plain as it can get, but that has contributed to the agency’s success story instead of hampering it. The expanding circles that involve wave-like inclusive circles within clearly communicate the realm of the agency itself. Whereas, a simple black color for thick and bold typography becomes instrumental in conveying its message.

6. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NOAA for short is assigned to keep tabs on oceanic as well as weather changes of the country. If you looked at the logo without reading the first line, you would have easily recognized its role as an organization because the colors and clever use of negative space in a logo can tell a lot to a spectator. The two shades of blue in the logo not only indicate to its two functions, but the hues also clearly specify the location of the functioning – the sky, from the lighter blue, and the oceanic waters through the deeper blue. The two colors are separated by a sea animal, giving the logo a cooler look with the white space. The amount of thought and effort this logo has taken into account is evidently apparent with the success of the agency and logo alike.

There are hundreds of logos around the world that have helped their respective institutes climb up to heights of elevations. Therefore, the logo designing must be carried out with full care and composition. For that purpose, you can hire professional logo designers, or create your own logo through to enter into the race of successful marketing.


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