Creative Golf Course Logo Design Ideas

A logo for any golf course is evident at first glance when you use symbols, colors, and other golfing elements in order to get your message across. This is also why you need to be more creative with your golf course logo. It should specify the services on offer in order to market them separately from other golf-related competitors.

Color Guide

The game of golf usually conjures up images of green grass, blue sky, and colorful flags. One or two of these colors should dominate your logo. Some splashes of color, like a red flag, could also come into the mix. The overall impression should be of a golf course or something related to it. However, there may be other bright colors if you're getting a logo for a mini-golf targeted mainly at kids.

Symbols Used for Golf Course Logo

The symbols for a golf course logo are usually a golf ball, a flag, a hole, the flat green landscape or a hilly variety, and golf clubs. Don't use all the symbols you can think of, but pick and choose a few in a creative manner. For instance, having a flat green space inside half a golf ball would immediately grab the attention of any would-be golfer. The concept is unique yet simple enough to transform into different mediums.


Golfing is usually considered a serious sport, with several business deals being made on the putting green. It's hence recommended that you use a professional font like Century Schoolbook in order to retain this impression.

Vector Logo Design

No matter what your logo contains, make sure you save it in a vector format. This way, you can make your logo smaller to fit your stationery and golf uniforms, or larger for banners, billboards, etc. It should also be on simple lines so that the rescaling doesn't mess it up.

The perfect golf course logo would be very difficult without the services of a professional logo designer. Get a consultation to make sure you're on the right track.


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