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How to Use Logos to Brand Funeral Homes

Doing a Funeral Home business is not an easy thing – it takes a lot of efforts, guts and most of all, compassion to build an entire firm dealing with the aftermath of return of the living. The prospect of eventuality is shattering for all of us, and to have somebody, albeit through cash, looking after the necessities of the living and the dead during those times is extremely helpful. No denying the fact that there are hundreds of tasks piled up when death occurs in our family, and attending to those chores along with nursing a broken heart proves quite difficult. Consequently, Funeral Home businesses win hearts and money simultaneously.

Moving through the steps of grievance and acceptance after somebody around us dies is a very tough job, which is why the funeral ceremony helps. Not only do we honor and remember the deceased, we are also psychologically taught to say the last goodbyes and accept the reality, at the funerals. Even more importantly, this ceremony is also about helping those who live move through their sorrow and come back to their normal routines. All in all, Funeral Home businesses shoulder a lot of responsibilities.

A funeral home logo that reaches out to its target audience, oozes out empathy and warmth, and is quite a nice image for onlookers is imperative for your business. Trustworthiness and kindness are the abstracts requisite for Funeral Home logo – giving it a rather “humanized” feel is not as obligatory. Taking extra care with the logo is very crucial in branding, because it not only gives your brand an identity, but provides a free sneak-peak to customers of what they should expect, and what they are going to get. In particular for Funeral Home logos, the same instructions apply that are obligatory for famous brands – keeping it simple yet imposing and unique yet flexible. In this article, we will explore how Funeral Homes’ logo should be designed and what pointers must a designers always keep in mind.

How a funeral home logo should look like?

When we usually talk about the “appearance” of a logo, we often emphasize on making it visually appealing by using graphics and imagery. All those directions are useful and applicable to all kinds of logos, however, except for Funeral Homes’. The overall “look” of a Funeral Homes’ logo is always subtle, dimmed and cool on the eyes. Designers often make extensive use of the negative space – the “white” space, by just merely leaving it there. Images and graphics in Funeral Home logos are little to none – if you really want to add in images, you can insert your business’ icon/symbol, or something that would enhance the positive vibes of the logo. Sometimes, we see a graphical sketch of a single tree, a bird or scenery incorporated – looking at such a logo invokes a sense of healthiness, relaxation and goodness. It also translates that your deceased one has gone to a far better and beautiful place.

Next in importance for creating a Funeral Home logo is the font. Logo fonts for other brands and for Funeral Homes’ marginally differ, as do the concepts behind their conception. Have you noticed the font that is used for headstones in cemetery? What is the one thing that you claim to be same for the fonts utilized in niches for the “deceased”? Elegance and clarity? Probably right.

In other logo brands, designers experiment with fonts – thick, thin, crude, rustic, and metallic and whatnot. There is a lot of space for trial and error, and they have the varying nature of businesses to test it out with. For Funeral Homes’ however, the choice for typeface is more or less the same in every logo. It is clean, modern, dignified and very much readable. As mentioned before, all these surface concepts are considered carefully in order to invoke intended sentiments. When your customers look at your company’s logo, you would want to evoke poise, patience and maturity within them so that they are drawn to it in times of despair and heartache. Through this, they would be easily coaxed into using your services.

When Designing Funeral Home Logos, Make Sure:

Number one – it is going to stay good for a decade or two. Funeral Homes cannot afford to update their logos every five years just because it became outdated; your consistency in keeping up with a design for years is going to reflect the level of maturity you work with. Unlike other brands, make sure that you choose a design which is going to exist for at least ten years no less.

And number two – apart from minimizing graphics and typeface-fancy, keep the color utilization dim and cultured. Since you are going to be left with a lot of negative space, make sure the colors are not too bright in contrast with the white.Hire a logo designer to make your logo simple and conspicuous, while still keeping the colors bland.


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