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5 Fundraising Logo Designing Tips that Will Do the Trick

You can’t escape logos – they are everywhere where there is a potential for advertisement. While brands find it necessary to create their company logos for marketing and identification, temporary movements or ideas are also pumped up by the presence of an exclusive logo design. Conferences and fundraising or charity organizations prefer to promote and sponsor their actions through an exclusive custom logo solely designed for the said agency.

Have you ever wondered why some logos around us become so memorable that even seeing a slight outline of them will immediately click their identity in our minds? If you look around, you are likely to come across thousands of brands that have their logos firmly imprinted within our minds. What is it that sows the seeds? It is the creativity with which they have been designed. Therefore, we need to get the gist of the tips that designs as such utilize which makes them what they are today.

It is essential for charity logos to make their places in audience’s minds because memory is what is going to tick the clock. An impressionable, visually appealing fundraising logo will draw in clientele and customers alike, and importantly, the modern artistic techniques will impact your success.

1. Using Circular Shapes

For fundraising logos, what we believe should be the primary technique is using circular geometry. Accurate enough, we see lots of fundraising logos in a circular shape because it reflects protection and infinity. The circular shape gives a sense of care, guardianship and security which is just what fundraising or charity is all about. Hence, this technique is one of the old-practiced and definitely does the work intended.

2. Utilizing Negative Spaces

Negative spaces are positively underestimated in their power to do wonders in a logo. Negative space in other words is called the white space. It not only exists around a letter mark or a wordmark, but there also numerous techniques invented that use negative space in logos in several creative and innovative ways. Negative space can do dual imagery, can tweak with the graphics and is positively one of the designers’ fancies. Since the last few years, companies are updating their logos to play and create wondrous graphics through negative spaces. In your fundraising logo, you can surprise your audiences by withholding a hidden imagery. This would definitely make your logo stand out.

3. Using Dynamic Letterpress

Line art is another technique that is rapidly gaining love enough by designer-geeks and audiences. In this point, we are going to discuss the technique of dynamic letterpress which is just another branch of the line art. In this method, designers use progressive lines to create imagery and text. The lines used are thin to thick and definitely add the sparkle to a logo which earlier designs clearly lacked. For your charity logo, you can certainly employ this technique for it appears visually strong, solid and credible.

4. Employing Overlapping Technique

The newest techniques catching fire in the design industry are related to creating 2D or 3D effects in the logo designs. One of them includes playing with text or graphics as such that they overlap each other and gives off a 3D effect. You can implement the overlapping technique for creating fundraising logos to develop powerful vision and impression on the customers. A universally recognized example of overlapping craft is the logo of Ebay. The letters overlay on each other slightly and the colors are used in such a way that it creates a compelling graphical interlock. If you’re lenient on your budget, you should definitely try this one out.

5. Opting for Line Art

Like we discussed in Dynamic Letterpress, utilizing pure Line Art tactic in your logo designs is another amazing decision. In this method, designers base their art on lines – straight or curved – and nothing else. Create any kind of graphic or imagery to convey your message, but the selections of lines alone make your logo unique and impressionable. Your fundraising logo primarily has to entice the audience long enough to make them interesting in donating, and therefore you need to create a logo just as engaging.

Every Charity/Fundraising Logo has basic two or three messages to convey through their branding – authenticity or trustworthy, and fascinating sophistication. Your prime aim is to invite as many customers as possible to make your mission successful and your prospect accomplished. For that purpose, it is important to apply such designing techniques that impart confidence, authenticity and strike extremely captivating in the same time. The above mentioned approaches to logo designing are latest and reassure good results as given; hire one of the professional logo designers to create your choice of a logo for your startup Fundraising organization!


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