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How to Design Inspiring Event Logos

An event logo is unique from the usual kinds since it represents an event branding instead of a company. It could hence help to create brand awareness in a very short period of time. This also means that an event logo needs to be highly effective and eye-catching in order to target an audience within the given time slot.


The colors you use in an event logo should inspire the imagination. You may choose to accomplish this with an artistic blend of pale colors or catch the viewer's eye with bold contrasts of black, red, yellow, and bright blue. Whichever option you end up choosing would depend on the kind of event and its target audience.

Responsiveness Online

Nowadays, most events are covered live on social media. At the very least, you would have to use an event logo when creating hype about it online. Hence, you have to make sure your logo looks good on social media profiles, as an icon, and on both large and small screens. A logo that looks good online would also get people to share it, tweet about it, or click on it for more information. This would help your marketing strategy and promote your event without any additional effort.


Several images may represent the event, but you should only use one or two at the most to inform potential attendees about it. Integrating the date, year, or something else about the event itself would instill a feeling of urgency in the viewers. Other symbols you can use are some illustrated animal graphics if the event is targeted at children, or a Ferris wheel if the event is like a carnival. In any case, the best event logo would be one that's fun, inspiring, and makes people want to attend it.


For an inspiring event logo that can quickly achieve its purpose, engaging an experienced logo designer or company is a must. With their help, you can have a compelling logo for your annual or one-time event.


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