What Makes an Education Logo Design Unique?

Just like the learning process of a child starts with school, the first step in the creation of a brand identity is to design a meaningful and visionary logo. Logos for education institutions are increasingly important because they demonstrate the education center’s attitude towards students, the curriculum to follow and the values that the institution upholds.

People apprehend the standard and style of the education institution and the values nurtured from its logo. For example, if the logo has a male and female students, the logo may depict that the school practices co-education system. If the logo has a strong design, people get impressed and start taking the organization with a good vibe.

Your logo must be designed to act as the public face and speak about the type of teaching followed in your institution. Creative school logos are usually bright in color such as orange, red, etc. and possess something creative such as paint brush, colored pencils, etc.

Common symbols used in most of the educational logos are books, trophies, pencils, mortar board, etc. because they impart knowledge. Owls are also frequently used as it is known for being full of wisdom. The colors used in the logo speak volumes about the student population in your educational institution. Bright colors, such as red, orange, yellow, etc. are used to depict early childhood education as these colors are perceived with energy and optimism. Adult and special education institutions often use deep colors such as emerald green, maroon and navy blue depicting a mature feel.

Text is kept minimum to allow people to associate with the logo visuals. Some institutions include their year of inception to show credibility, the motto is another common text included in the logo as it shows the educational institution’s values. Don’t want to dig deeper into the designing world? Hire expert logo designers to handle everything with ease.


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