How to Create a Strong Brand with Unique E-commerce Logos

Online shoppers often evaluate a business's credibility from its appearance alone which is why getting a kickass logo is vital for the success of your e-commerce business. The core idea is to distinguish the business from the cookie-cutter online stores and be recognized as a renowned name in the market.

Strong Brand Image

The process of creating a strong brand image for an e-commerce business begins by designing a logo that is simple. If you consider some of the largest retailers and their logo designs, one common factor will be noticed i.e. simplicity. For instance, Amazon, follows a stripped-down format making it easy for the customer to remember and differentiate.

Unique USP

In this digital age where numerous online stores exist, make your business stand apart by including your USP in the logo through images or taglines. For instance, if your specialty lies in electronics, having a plug or an abstract mobile phone incorporated in your logo will depict your business perfectly. Some commonly used images in e-commerce logos are a shopping cart, shopping bag, 360-degree arrows, small clip arts of main product offerings such as grocery, mobiles, etc.


The main idea followed by the majority of the e-commerce businesses is to include large and bold text in the logo, usually the company name such as Amazon, Zalando, Walmart, eBay, etc. Minimalism is the key when designing an e-commerce logo. The fonts usually used are bold and large such as Garamond, Futura, Univers, etc. However, the colors used are bright i.e. blue, red, green, orange, yellow, mustard, purple, black, white, etc.

A well-blended and perfectly designed logo will make your e-commerce platform come off as reliable and credible to the visitors and create a lasting impression. If you are unsure how to design a minimalist logo yourself, hire professional designers who will design a unique logo for your e-commerce website. It is important to request the logo in multiple graphics formats so that you can use it on your online store as well as print collateral.


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