How to Create a Symbolic Contractor Logo Design

Contracting businesses or independent contractors need a creative logo to set them apart from the rest. A contractor provides services for certain specific jobs, such as painting, electrical installations, landscaping, etc. The potential customers are those that need such jobs done according to their requirements.

Brand Message and Colors

You need to convey a professional impression when you're a contractor. This is necessary so that your brand message of responsibility and reliability gets across to those who will hire your company such as builders, constructors, and homeowners etc.. A contractor has a responsibility to deliver. To this end, you should be careful not to use more than one or two bold, deep colors that convey trustworthiness. Blue, brown, green, or red would do very well in this case.

Choosing your Icon

The same goes for the symbols you use in your contractor logo. The specific services you provide can become prominent here. However, you should again take care that the logo doesn't become too cluttered. A hammer inside the outline of a house would be sufficient to let customers know what you mainly work on. Anything more than that would probably confuse the customer and make it difficult to rescale your logo.

Vector Format and Font

Save your logo in a vector format so that the rescaling and adjusting for printing on small and large canvases is easier. You might need to print your logo on your uniforms, your vehicles, or personalized stationery.

You can also work in layers to make the logo transparent for certain purposes, such as watermarks on stationery. The BankGothic MD BT font would translate well on several mediums and remain easy to read, so consider something like it.

Consulting a professional logo designer would increase your chances of getting the best contractor logo. This would turn it into a more effective marketing tool than an inexperienced attempt.


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