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Basic Logo Design Concepts for Consulting Firms

As a consulting business, the foremost step to create a strong brand identity is to associate a meaning with your brand. And designing a reflective logo lies at the heart of giving a personality and meaning to your entity. Like every other identity, a consulting firm logo must depict reliability and credibility for customers to come to you instead of competitors.

Basics of Consulting Logos

Are you thinking of designing a consulting logo yourself? Get your hands on the basics first before stepping into the ocean of graphics. Firstly, a consulting logo sports a clean and minimalist design. Both text and images can exist simultaneously, but the design overall is kept simple and relevant. For example, a common practice is to add an image and the company name in the logo.

Symbols for Your Logo Design

Some most commonly used symbols in the majority of the consulting logos are pentagons, arrows, wordmarks, abstract marks, humans, owls, etc. The idea is to depict wisdom and professionalism. Your logo must reflect of what you do. For instance, if you exist as a firm helping painters launch and grow, your logo must incorporate an artistic feel.

Flexible Design

Since consulting logos are used on multiple different platforms such as websites, newspapers, billboards, etc., different formats must be achieved to ensure that the design is responsive and flexible. These logos are usually seen sporting one to two colors. Most commonly used colors are black, grey, blue, green, etc. The fonts usually used are bold and classic, depicting professionalism and credibility. Commonly used fonts include Futura, Garamond, Bodoni, Berlin, Georgia, Rockwell, Didot, etc.

However, don't go overboard with the details because a clean trendy logo design is imperative to succeed in 2018. If you are still doubting your abilities, hire a professional logo designer to design a logo for your consultancy that is capable of capturing the target market.


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