Guide to Ideal Community Customer Logos and Inspiration for Ideas

Community organizations bring people together to make voices heard and honored. They also announce talents, develop and preserve the community itself. An ideal logo for Community Services/Support is one that is visually accessible to its target audiences. The logo should be imposing enough to make an impact on the viewers and clients, thereby creating a community as you aim. Importantly, community logos must reflect the work that you do, the nature of your business, the efforts you put in for your organization and the ambition you carry along with yourself for the said business. A logo is crucial because it is the only voice that viewers can hear and therefore, it should be a good one.

We do not have much community organizations around us; hence, the competition can be beaten. We are going to look at the necessary elements in their right forms needed for community organizations’ logos and some of the logo design ideas a designer can use for inspiration.

Color: Since we are designing a community logo, the color you would use should appear appealing to the people that you serve or help through your business. It is a good idea to make your logo multi-colored because lots of hues and shades in the emblem indicate towards variation and a collective group. In turn, this is the depiction for community – just what the business is all about.

Typography: As far as typography is concerned, for community logos, the typeface is usually clean, cultured and soft. This reflects goodwill and trust as comfortable typography gives off good vibes that is beneficial for your business. It is important that the selection of your typeface is a mirror to your customers’ style because we intend to bring people together. Keep the typography intelligible for all sizes.

Layout: You must be in the knowledge of knowing where you will use your logo most – websites, business cards or billboards? Most of the Community Service Organizations have online portal to connect, therefore focusing on getting the cleanest online layout must be your first priority. However, it is equally imperative to make your logo have a neat layout for all mediums and surfaces.

Symbol: Symbol is the heart of every logo, and therefore the image of your brand. If you wish to use a symbol in the logo, it must be chosen wisely. The symbol is going to become the center the entire logo and people are not likely going to observe the rest of the spaces. Your symbol for community logo must compliment other design elements, and should be a product of inspiration in order to stand-out.

Now let us talk a bit about inspirations. In order to make your logo stand out from the crowd, inspiration is mandatory. When we are talking about logos for community customers, it is even more necessary because an original idea out of the mind will resonate with your customers differently than others.

The first idea for logo designing for Community Service Organizations is to employ human profiles/silhouettes/outlines or sketches. A group of three to five people or even a single person is not a bad idea to begin with. You can think about making it a “People Logo” to relate to the audiences and reach out to the crowd. Add a smiling face or expressive features to build up the charm. Many companies utilize this tactic, however differently, to design their logos because a reflection of the nature of your work and of your hopes is essential to give meaning to the logo. Think out of the box using characters and lots of colors – it is bound to get interesting.

An easier way to get inspired is to browse through the logos of competitors and other companies in the same field. An assessment is helpful in igniting the flare for inspirational ideas for logos. Circular logo designs or images are another good technique for designing logos because circular shapes evoke protection, infinity and safety. If you happen to search for a few community logos, you would observe that most of them either involve circular geometry or elementary designs such as puzzles, heart-shapes, birds or animals, flowers or a simple symbol representing the company’s name itself. For example, there is a belt for the company Black Belt (Violence Protection) or an image of scenery for “Explore Nature – Red River Community House.”

Basic knowledge and inspiration for logo designing makes this task a lot simpler. If you wish to design your company’s logo yourself but are an amateur in the process, try hiring a professional logo designer on internet that offers to create a logo of your own choice. Or simply hire one of the professional logo designers and describe your personal choices.


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