How to Create a Christian School Logo

Whether your academy is a small Christian school or a large one, catering to primary grades or junior and senior highs, the logo you choose can have an impact on every aspect of the school's image. From the enrollment numbers to the school's social status; from the school's sports teams to the school's academic organizations, your Christian school logo is a matter of pride. It is also a means for students and parents to show team support, school spirit and student sponsorship.

So, what should you look for when you are looking to create a logo for a Christian School? As a school, shape and colors are two essential ingredients which make a successful Christian school logo. Academically, a Christian academy logo might consist of an open book in conjunction with a circle wrapped around children in harmony with a cross. Together this may be considered to represent religious harmony with open learning. Vibrant primary colors outlining the basis of the logo provide an age grouping of middle-school students.

Your graphic designer should be familiar with what colors and shapes fit together to make a positive influence for a Christian school catering to any age of students, along with how your academy's name or initials are displayed, to the best advantage of the school, in a logo.Christian shapes, as evidenced by the cross, Christ, dove, sunshine in a logo, depict a Christian history of traditional principles which can be woven into the shapes in the logo to create an element of longevity. Your graphic designer can magnify the sense of tradition in the way the shape of the cross is blended with the other shapes in the logo.


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