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Catholic School Logo Design Techniques

Catholic schools of every size need to have marketing representation such as a logo. Catholic schools catering to primary grades or junior and senior highs should choose a logo design which has an impression on every aspect of the school's image.

When you are looking to create or replace a logo for a Catholic school, consider what constitutes a good representation of winning elements in a logo.

Enrollment rates of the community's eligible students can be impacted negatively by a logo which doesn't truly represent the academy. On the other hand, it can also be positively impacted by a logo which has truly captured the essence of a school's spirit, morals and goals.

Catholic symbolism as represented by a ornamental cross, prayer hands, dove, Mary, and chalice in a logo depicts a long history of tradition, values and religious standards, which can be entwined into the logo to create a religious representation of the Catholic school. A graphic designer can augment the sense of tradition and values, in the way these symbols are blended with the other symbols in the logo.

Symbolism and colors are two indispensable elements which make a successful school logo. Academically, a Catholic school logo might consist of an open paged book as a base symbol. A dove with-in a circle encasing the school's initials in harmony. Together this may be considered to represent a Catholic tradition in cooperation with a harmonious learning system.

The colors chosen to represent the school's initials could indicate the age group of the school students. Bold reds, blues and yellows could represent a middle to senior student age, whereas bright red, green and purple might indicate a more primary student age in the school.

Secondary colors used in the interior of the logo accentuate the Catholic standards of the school by calling notice to the compatibility of the school's name and the symbolism therein.When choosing a graphic designer to assist with logo design, they should be familiar with what symbols and colors align together to make a positive influence for a Catholic school representing any age.


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