Designing a Creative Carpentry Logo

Carpentry is an industry that's linked to several others. It's tied to the building, architecture, engineering, and even the interior design industry. We may hence deduce that there are several kinds of services that a carpentry company can provide. This means that any company in the carpentry industry needs to have a creative, unique logo that tells its audience about the services on hand. Your target audience would be anyone who wants something made to order, especially from wood.

Symbols and Design

The symbols and design style for your carpentry logo would depend on the kind of services you offer. If your service is providing carpentry for rooftops, hedges and doorways, then your logo might have a house or at least a roof aside from the name. If your service is providing fixtures or furnitures then symbols of sofa, cabinets or shelves will help present your expertise.

Since a carpentry company logo should be professional, don't use a mixture of bright colors to depict the house. However, you can keep it minimal as well as creative. One example might be having a simple sloping roof over your company name, with a saw making up one side of the slope. This would immediately help your audience see that you provide carpentry services for houses even before reading any text.

Colors and Fonts

A couple of colors are more than enough for a carpentry logo. More than that would take attention away from your professionalism and also be difficult to print your logo design on stationery, signboards, or anything else you want the logo for. The fonts should follow the same example, with one kind of font like Kabel Bk BT would probably be best. You may also want to make sure the logo symbols can stand on their own in order to come in handy for online profiles and stationery.

If you want to be absolutely certain about your carpentry logo, get a professional graphic logo designer. This step would ascertain that you get the right logo for all your marketing purposes.


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