How to Design Builder Logos with Symbols

Logos for builders or building companies need to have a simple yet creative design. The final version of such a builder logo would obviously depend on the kind of building you're focusing on. However, it is safe to say at the very beginning that a builder logo needs to be straightforward, compact, and striking at first glance. This would best attract your desired customers who need something built.

Choosing Symbols

The symbols for a builder logo would include certain shapes or buildings that convey your brand message and your specialty. If your company build houses for real estates, the profile of a simple house would probably suffice. A whole mansion may be better if the focus is on a luxury or premium service, however.

Colors for the Symbols

Since there are only a few colors that usually define a building's exterior, your logo should reflect this. Use just one or two colors at the most, or leave the whole thing black and white. The color you can use a gray, brick-red, wooden shades, and earthy tones. Don't use several colors at once; otherwise, you may end up giving off an unprofessional vibe. Using a simple color palette can also help in transitioning the logo from screen to paper, banners, billboards, and even stationary. Save the logo design in vector form for easy scaling to any platform.

Symbols and Text

The creativity in a builder logo might come somewhere in the text. While the font pair you use should be simple and readable on several mediums, they may utilize white spaces for a memorable effect. For instance, the name of your company might include symbols like a building, a cottage, or a worker's helmet. Alternatively, you can use a tree inside your text to symbolize your focus upon providing eco-friendly services.

If you're searching about the best builder logo for your company, consult an expert logo designer first. This would help you ascertain which symbols, font, and colors are best in order to attract your target audience.


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