How to Choose the Right Colors and Symbols for Beauty Logos

The beauty industry is made up of several company types. These would include spas, salons, makeup products, hair products, hairdressers, etc.Then there are the manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and retailers. These companies may also cater to several demographics, with some salons being reserved for a certain gender while others cater to a mixed crowd. The kind of company you are would determine the beauty logo you want designed.

Symbols and Colors

The symbols for a beauty logo could vary among the companies it's supposed to represent. If a salon or spa logo is catering to mostly women, it could capture their attention by having a female profile on their logo. The colors should then also be feminine, including shades of pink, purple, and other pastel colors.

If you're selling makeup products, your symbols might reflect the company's main selling point. For instance, many organic makeup companies might choose a leaf, a tree, or even an Earth symbol to drive home their eco-friendly message. The colors may be green, brown, or neutral shades here to reflect the brand's goals.


For a beauty salon, having a bold and readable font is necessary. However, given the nature of the service, a few curls and flourishes are relevant. Keep in mind that the font should be easily translatable for storefronts, billboards, social media sites, and flyers. These are the main forms of marketing for any beauty salon. A font like Lucida Handwriting might be handy here.

A makeup company, though, may want to keep their font and layout simple yet recognizable. It has to send the brand message of luxury, pigmentation, and reliability. Additionally, the logo would need constant printing on their boxes, so the simpler the better.


A professional logo designer can really help you achieve the perfect beauty logo. This would reduce the risk of being overlooked in the booming beauty industry.


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