How to Design an Eye-Catching Bag Logo Design

If you're a company that deals in selling, designing, or manufacturing bags, you need an eye-catching logo to grab your customer's attention. A bag company also need a decent logo for outlining their message, the work they do, and the services they provide.

Colors and Fonts

The colors and fonts for a bag company logo can range from muted, neutral types to bold and colorful, depending on your target audience. If you're making children's bags, the colors and fonts could be bold and funky. Cuckoo or Lithograph would be readable yet fun fonts to have on a school bag, for instance. You can go for bright yellows, red, and other warm colors here. If you're targeting adults, neutral shades like grays or black-and-white would be best.


The logo for your bag company would need rescaling for banners, online websites, social media profiles, and the bags themselves. You hence want to keep your logo simple and able to be arranged into monograms. If necessary, you may want to take a part of it in order to get a smaller version for printing on every piece of merchandise.


The symbols for bag logos could be abstract, such as the Samsonite symbol of four crescents making a circle. However, it's recommended to use these symbols in creative ways, such as Samsonite did by using it as the 'O' in their name. This would save space, make a creative effect, and be easily transferable when required.

You can use a cartoonish logo if you're targeting children with your output, but a simple logo would be much easier to handle. It would cut down on printing and reproduction costs as well.


For the best bag logo in the industry, you might want to hire a professional logo designer. this is a cost-effective and risk-free way to ensure you get a decent logo the first time around.


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