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How a Logo Design for Attorney's Office Should Look Like

Having a logo for your attorney services is important to represent your practice properly. You need to convey the brand message of commitment and a passion for providing justice. With just the right logo, you can also work towards forming your identity and reputation among your target audience. The latter would consist of people who are seeking justice in some form or the other. They may also be looking for legal advice from a knowledgeable person.

The design style of an attorney logo should be simple, plain, and to the point. At the same time, you don't want to risk having a staid, boring, common logo that would make you inconspicuous among the competition. Nor do you want to have a common font or leave your logo entirely based on text. While the name of your company or practice should be easy to read, a major part of the logo, there should also be some symbols to represent your work.

Hence, fonts like Arros BT or Clarendon Condensed would be professional-looking and clean fonts that grab one's attention. The symbols utilized with these fonts should be representative of legal advice and justice, like scales or a gavel. A fat book might serve to represent your academic knowledge if consultation services are your main forte. The legal symbol that represents your work best should be the one in your logo.

Finally, an attorney logo has to be serious. The colors you use would also reflect this, with brown, gold, beige, black, and white being the main choices. Any bright, vivid color might convey a non-serious attitude.

Hiring a professional logo designer would minimize your chances of losing out on your rightful market share. You'd have guidance and knowledge on your side, so think about looking into this position before you finalize your attorney logo.


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