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Humanizing Assisted Living Center Logo Designs

If you have a business that cares for the disabled adults, the elderly who either cannot or chooses not to live independently, know that you are doing a business far profitable than anybody else. There are several ways in which owners humanize their brand designs and a large number of tips and tricks are just a click away on Google. However, in order to humanize a logo itself – we will shed light on some very important and useful tactics that can achieve it.

It is not necessary that an Assisted Living Center possessing a lifeless logo with cutting edges will not be able to do better business than one whose logo reflects warmth, humanity and compassion. With that said, we believe that logos are the ambassadors of any business whatsoever. They not only express the nature of the work you do, but they play an extremely significant role in reaching out to customers and resonating with target audiences.

Just like a fast food restaurant logo usually displays spice, snazziness and lots of light to catch the roaming eyes; it is not a bad idea to think about bringing empathy and goodwill to the logos for Assisted Living Centers.

1. Full-Body Logo Designs

The first method to go about humanizing logos is to try out the full human form incorporated in your logo. A person sitting in a chair, standing to his/her full height but curved and drawn as such to bring variation – there are plenty of examples you can consider when using this technique. A single full-body design keeps the art minimum so that the designer can work on the movement or the activity. In this way, the logo appears simple to the eye but undeniably appealing. Many garment or cosmetic factories utilize this technique. For Assisted Living Centers, you can employ the full-body sketch tactic for bringing warmth and human-ness into the logo, just as the nature of your business is.

2. Logo Designs Reflecting Relations

The logo need not necessarily be restricted to a single person. Many brands utilize relationship techniques to humanize their logos. For Assisted Living Centers, you can get more than one character depicted in such a way that they give off positive vibes. A mother and daughter enclosed in a hug; three characters portraying a family, or a group of people huddled together will definitely portray warmth and compassion. It is always a good thing to incorporate the element of relations in your logo, particularly if your brand trades family items or is about relationships.

3. Profiles and Silhouettes of Humans in Logo Designs

The next approach to humanizing logos yet making them appealing is to apply profile or silhouette images of persons. There is a strong element of mystery and intrigue in profiles. It makes the viewer want to see more and he is unintentionally drawn towards it. In the same way, silhouettes of persons add in the intended subtlety and secrecy that incite the audiences. For Assisted Living Center logos, you can involve this aspect to not only evoke cordial feelings but also attract your target audiences. Profiles of characters depicted as friends or family is another good idea to design logos for Assisted Living Centers as it includes humans as well as the element of mystery. A logo created with this technique is a proven success – the overall outlook is uncomplicated and well, people always love silhouettes and profiles!

4. Logo Designs with Faces

Since we are talking about giving logos a more “humanely” look, this method also involves tucking in humans for the intended effect. There are numerous brands that own logos featuring human faces exclusively. The best thing about humans is that they recognize another human within nanoseconds, and it is very likely that subconsciously, it catches their interest. A face, shadowed, shaded, silhouetted or clearly visible will immediately communicate to viewers as something that majorly has to do with humans, or appearances. Using a featured face for Assisted Living Centers – perhaps a not-so-visible face of the owner itself – will certainly draw in your target audience.

On a side note, you can employ birds and animals in logos as well, if it resonates with the nature of your business. For Assisted Living Center though, a nice-looking duck or peacock in sketches is not a bad idea as well. The warmth and compassion this kind of a logo will give off is just what you intend.

“People logo” as it is commonly termed, is mostly used by “people” companies and organizations that provide services to the locals. The methods we have discussed above will most certainly relate to the target audiences; however, it must be kept in mind that logos should be flexible enough to scale howsoever. Minute variations of details can, nonetheless, occur to compensate for print on all types of surfaces.


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