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What Elements to Have in Your Apparel Logos

The brand message and target audience of your apparel brand would depend on what your focus is. You can then figure out what kinds of elements to use in order to set your apparel store logo design apart in this competitive industry.


The typefaces and fonts you use in your apparel logo are an extremely important aspect. This is because the name of your company needs to stand out most of all; otherwise, it could easily blend into the crowds of competitors vying for a consumer's attention. Your company name and tagline should be catchy, easily read and easily arranged in any monograms you need. The fonts you use should also look good in both color and black-and-white designs. Helvetica and Futura fonts are the classic choices for the apparel industry.


Colors are another important aspect of designing apparel logos These would work to highlight the strengths of your company and attract the audience you want. For instance, red and yellow would have an energetic, uplifting effect suitable for a sporting apparel logo. A cooler color palette with blues and greens would exude a sense of calmness, even high-class luxury. If you're focusing on a specific demographic, such as very young girls, you should go with pinks and purples.


An apparel logo should also have a design that's somewhat responsive, especially when used within advanced technology. Most apparel companies are now going online, sometimes even in place of a brick-and-mortar store. You thus need an apparel logo that's simple enough to be reproduced and rescaled for websites, banners, billboards, and several other purposes.


The symbols for an apparel company should again reflect their work. For sportswear, an easily recognizable and responsive logo is best, since it would have to be prominently displayed on T-shirts and uniforms. For children's wear, the symbols could stay casual. However, high-end apparel usually makes do with just a recognizable name as their symbol.


If you're not sure which way to go for your apparel logo, consult a professional logo designer. This would help you in constructing the perfect attention-grabbing logo.


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