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Designing an Animal Logo for Your Brand

Animal logos can be used in a wide variety of industries. They can be used for companies that provide services, such as vets, dog walkers, or a pet daycare. Animal logos are also suitable for organizations that provide products for animals, such as pet food, beds, leashes, etc. Ventures such as safari parks, zoos, and aquariums also make use of animal logos. If an animal is used as a mascot for a sports team, it would also probably be featured in its logo.

Hence, an animal logo needs to be reflective of what your company is doing. It should send out a brand message that immediately informs potential customers of your activities and offerings. For instance, a dog walking company logo could have the picture of a happy, obedient dog with a leash. This would convey the effect of sincerity, love, and care for animals along with their security.

The design style for animal logos should be simple, but also convey the imagery of animal in an unmistakable manner. To this end, you could have a profile of the animal in question and surround it with colors that go with the business represented. For instance, a safari park logo could have the abstract representation of a tiger. The black and yellow stripes would stand out on a green background, signifying both the park and the animal part of the organization. Random shapes are not recommended here, as you have to portray some specific animals and their surroundings.

The font for animal logos should be attractive and easy to read at the same time. You should avoid Comic Sans for its unprofessional look, but Lithograph should make for an eye-catching, bold font.

In order to avoid any irrelevant or missing elements in an animal logo, consider hiring the services of a professional logo graphic designer. This step would help to minimize any errors and make the right decision in all aspects of your logo.


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