Academic Logo Design Tips

Your academy may have the best faculty, administrative staff and marketer, all is lost if your academic brand doesn't reach your target audience. Considering the stiff competition among academic institutions, you'll need to differentiate your brand from the crowd as well as catch your students and patrons in the first glance. The first step to do is to get a professional academic logo design.

Before you dive in, arm yourself with the knowledge about academic logos, how yours should look like, and where to get one that reflects your institution's mission and goals. Here are some traits that most academic logos have in common:

Your academic logo symbol should be a representative of your ideology. Whether your academy serves young students, offers tutoring service for weak undergraduates, or specialize in certain subjects, your logo symbol should reflect that. You can check some of the academic logos which designers at LogoDesignGuru have created for our clients to get an idea of what to look for.

Apart from symbol, academic logos tend to appeal to their audience with muted colors that communicate professionalism, trust and knowledge. While most academies prefer shades of blue, a color of trust, others opt for bold colors like red and orange which stand for vibrancy and energy respectively.

Other aspects you might consider are addition of laurel wreaths which give a more academic look, or paisley ornaments which offer an elegant visual appeal. The choice of font type can also make a great difference to your academic logo design.

If you're at a loss for ideas, you can always check our blog for tips on logo designs. Alternatively, you could hire a professional logo designer who can advise you based on your requirements, goals, and vision of your academic logo design.


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